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TIARA Summer School on Astrobiology
August 5(Tue)-9(Sat), 2014
ASIAA R1203, Taipei, Taiwan


With the discovery of more and more exoplanets, and particularly those which might resemble our own Earth, the speculation of the existence of life beyond our world grows accordingly. Astrobiology is considered to study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and the future of life in the universe: include on on Earth and of extraterrestrial nature. The aim of this summer school is to provide a comprehensive and most-updated overview of this inter-discipline field of study. Tentative lecture topics include (but not limited to) RNA World/molecular biochemistry, paleobiology and astrobiology, meteorites and star dust, cosmic dust, comets and ISM, exoplanets and their atmosphere, astrochemistry and disk organic chemistry. Due to resource constraints, the participants are limited to 50 graduate or advanced undergraduate students from within Taiwan and internationally.

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Registration Deadline: August 2, 2013

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