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Galaxy Formation and Evolution Across Cosmic Time
December 9(Mon)-11(Wed), 2019
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Significant progress has been made over past few years in establishing a broad cosmological framework in which galaxies and large-scale structure develop hierarchically across, as a result of gravitational instability of material dominated by dark matter. However, many unanswered questions still remain. Most of this uncertainty comes from our poor understanding of the complex baryonic processes that must be included in any successful theory of galaxy formation such as stellar feedback from stars and their supernovae, AGN, cosmic ray, and dust. It is timely and important for us to organize a workshop by inviting active researchers to discuss the recent development of galaxy formation and its associated microphysics. Besides, we also encourage domestic students and postdocs to present their work in this workshop. Our goal is to provide a platform for researchers to exchange ideas and to promote collaborations.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • (International)
  • I-Ting Ho (MPIA)
  • Chia-Yu Hu (CCA)
  • Myoungwon Jeon (Kyung Hee U.)
  • Ji-hoon Kim (Seoul National U.)
  • Ting-Wen Lan (UCSC)
  • Xiangcheng Ma (UC Berkeley)
  • Kentaro Nagamine (Osaka U.)
  • Aaron Smith (MIT)
  • Po-Feng Wu (NAOJ)
  • (Domestic)
  • Shohei Aoyama (ASIAA)
  • Chian-Chou Chen (ASIAA)
  • You-Hua Chu (ASIAA)
  • Andrew Cooper (NTHU)
  • Tomo Goto (NTHU)
  • Hiroyuki Hirashita (ASIAA)
  • Chorng-Yuan Hwang (NCU)
  • Yueh-Ning Lee (NTNU)
  • Lihwai Lin (ASIAA)
  • Yen-Ting Lin (ASIAA)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Shohei Aoyama
  • Tzu-Hsiang Chao
  • Ke-Jung (Ken) Chen (Chair)
  • Cindy Chiu
  • Hiroyuki Hirashita
  • Yueh-Ning Lee
  • Po-Sheng Ou
  • Sung-Han Tsai
  • Wei-Hao Wang
  • Po-Chieh Yu (Yuan-Ze U.)

Contact: Ken Chen (kjchen   _replace_to_@_

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