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East-Asia AGN Workshop 2019
January 21(Mon)-23(Wed), 2019
ASIAA Auditorium, 1st Floor AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building

Poster Presentation

Ultra-Relativistic AGN Jets with Similations

Author(s): Tseng Po-Hsun, Schive Hsi-Yu, Chiueh Tzihong

Presenter: Po-Hsun Tseng (National Taiwan University)

The frame dragging effect can make the AGN jets precess when the spinning axis of a rotating SMBH and the axis of the jet source are misaligned. The precession frequency is roughly $\sin(\theta)GJ/(c^2 r^3)$, where J is the angular momentum of the SMBH and $\theta$ is the angle between the two axes, thereby creating differentially precessing twisted jets and promoting the prompt formation of internal shocks near the jet source. We have built a relativistic hydro code that can handle ultra-relativistic jet flows with Lorentz factor that greater than 100 and possesses a realistic equation of state dealing with the cool ambient and hot jets. Results of such ultra-relativistic twisted jets propagating in a uniform ambient will be presented.

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