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East-Asia AGN Workshop 2019
January 21(Mon)-23(Wed), 2019
ASIAA Auditorium, 1st Floor AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building

Poster Presentation

MASK: Multifrequency AGN Survey with the KVN

Author(s): Taehyun Jung (KASI) on behalf of KVN/AGN team in KASI

Presenter: Taehyun Jung (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)

A simultaneous multi-frequency VLBI system of the Korean VLBI Network (KVN) with its powerful phase calibration technique, FPT (frequency phase transfer), has shown that the atmospheric fluctuations can be effectively calibrated, resulting in much longer integration time of VLBI data. Based on this aspect, we present the results of multifrequency AGN survey with the KVN (MASK), performed as a KVN legacy program to densify an existing VLBI catalog of extragalactic radio sources at 22/43/86/129 GHz. To date, ~1400 sources of a total of 1533 sources (~90%) were observed. We will discuss its application and synergies with other wavelength dataset.

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