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Taiwan-Russia Workshop on Polarization by Dust Grains
October 17, 2018
ASIAA R1107, AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building

Oral Presentation

Interstellar polarization in GAIA epoch

Author(s): Il'in V.B., Prokopjeva M.S., Varivoda V.V.

Presenter: Marina Prokopjeva (St. Petersburg University)

The interstellar polarization phenomenon arisen due to interaction of cosmic radiation with interstellar dust is an important source of information on dust grains and the magnetic fields. The stellar parallaxes recently presented in Gaia DR2 allow one to extract now more detailed information from the polarization data. A contemporary usage of such data to study the dust grains in outer regions of dense clouds is illustrated on the example of the globule B5. Consideration of the polarization map of a field around the globule B227 with taking into account various photometric data and Gaia parallaxes is used to discuss a new approach to study of large-scale magnetic fields.

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