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ALMA Band 1 Science Workshop
January 16-20, 2017
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

Ready, Steady, Go: Gearing up for observations with ALMA Band 1

Author(s): Oscar Morata (ASIAA)

Presenter: Oscar Morata (ASIAA)

The original design of ALMA Band 1 receiver was to provide access to the frequencies around 40 GHz at high resolution and sensitivity. An extense science case was developed showing numerous compelling cases for the new ALMA receiver. During the approval process of the project, the strengths of these scientific cases were used to show the contribution of the Band 1 receiver to expand the science boundaries for ALMA and for astronomy and how much better ALMA Band 1 was expected to perform compared to the JVLA. After approval of the project by the ALMA Board early last year, we are about to enter the production phase of the project. It is time then to prepare for the Science Verification of the new receiver and to start thinking about the new exciting science that can be done by Band 1. In this presentation, I will go over the next steps we need to take before the first offering of Band 1 to the astronomical community about two years from now.

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