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SMA science in the Next Decade
October 27(Thu)-28(Fri), 2016
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

SWARM overview and status

Author(s): SWARM Development Team

Presenter: Jonathan Weintroub (CfA)

Two quadrants of the SMA Wideband Astronomical ROACH2 Machine (SWARM) have been available for SMA science since March 2016. By December 2016 we expect four SWARM quadrants to be in operation, quadrupling the SMA’s bandwidth to 32 GHz in dual polarization mode. A quadrant of SWARM either processes 2 GHz of usable bandwidth per polarization in full Stokes polarization mode or 4 GHz of IF from a single receiver. For both modes the aggregate bandwidth per quadrant is 8 GHz counting both sidebands. SWARM is natively VLBI enabled, and it recorded phased SMA dual polarization data at a rate of 32 Gbps during the April 2016 EHT campaign. By quadrupling the SMA’s bandwidth SWARM improves the SMA’s continuum sensitivity, or, alternatively enables observations of a given sensitivity in one-quarter the time. Combined with the system’s fine uniform spectral resolution SWARM enables spectral line surveys with a similar improvement in efficiency. This presentation will outline the design of SWARM, give examples of science it enables, and describe the current status at the time of the conference.

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