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SMA science in the Next Decade
October 27(Thu)-28(Fri), 2016
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Invited Presentation

Planets, moons and asteroids

Author(s): Arielle Moullet (NRAO)

Presenter: Arielle Moullet (NRAO)

The SMA has been a pioneering instrument for mapping of Solar System objects at submillimeter wavelengths. The array layout and antenna size are very well suited to capture the spatial scales of objects as varied as giant and terrestrial planets, large moons and asteroids; its scheduling flexibility allows one to effectively monitor time-varying phenomena. SMA observations hence provide access to essential properties such as surface temperature, wind field and atmospheric composition distribution.
I will briefly present an overview of planetary science cases which are being addressed by SMA observations. I will also discuss how the facility specific characteristics and planned upgrades can contribute in a significant and sometimes unique way to this field, in particular for observations of large sources not limited by sensitivity and spectral studies benefitting from a wide instantaneous spectral coverage.

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