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SMA science in the Next Decade
October 27(Thu)-28(Fri), 2016
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Invited Presentation

Prospect for wSMA: Lensed Submm Galaxies

Author(s): Min S. Yun (University of Massachusetts)

Presenter: Min S Yun (University of Massachusetts)

Recent ALMA study of the lensed SMG SPD.81 has demonstrated the enormous potential of gravitational lensing as a magnifying telescope for studying distant galaxies. Particularly exciting is the prospect of using the magnifying property of lensing to probe star forming activities and gas/dust properties at spatial scales of 100 pc or better (0.01-0.02” resolution without lensing) in these intense starburst systems. Large area surveys using FIR/submm/mm facilities such as Planck, Herschel, and SPT have identified 100’s of candidate lensed SMGs appropriate for such detailed follow-up studies. I will briefly summarize previous works done using SMA in this area of research and the current status on lensed SMG surveys. I will also discuss how the expanded capabilities of wSMA will probe the unexplored parameter space for these extreme starburst systems in the early universe.

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