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East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
October 14(Mon)-18(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan

Poster Presentation

A Comparison of the Occurrence rates and Occurrence timing of the Solar Flares with Stellar Flares from Solar-type Stars

Author(s): Wu, Chi Ju Ip, Wing-Huen Huang, Li Ching

Presenter: Chi Ju Wu (Institute of Space Science, NCU)

The space weather effect caused by solar storms might reach the peak of the solar cycle in 2013. How about similar processes in other stellar objects? The Kepler mission of an Earth-orbiting space astronomical telescope for the search of habitable exoplanets provides a wealth of observational data concerning the time variability of stars in the Cygnus-Lyra region above the galactic plane. Some of the solar-type stars were found to exhibit large energy-release events with power as much as a million times of the large solar flares. An interesting question is whether they have the same flaring mechanism just like the case of the solar flares and when these flares occur. In this work, we report our study of the occurrence frequency distributions of the stellar flares of a number of selected solar-type stars and compare them to that of our Sun. Furthermore, we also represent the flares occurrence timing with respect to stellar spot rotation phase. We will discuss the similarities and dissimilarities of the frequency distributions and their implications on the generation mechanism, and those large flares occurred with small stellar brightness variation are considered that active regions are near polar region.

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