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East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
October 14(Mon)-18(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan

Poster Presentation

Determination of electronic density from observations in the solar corona of the total solar eclipse in 2008

Author(s): Lkhagvajav Ch., Batmunkh D., Nyamsuren B., Tuvshinjargal B., Dulmaa A., Mordvinov A.V., Yazev S.A.

Presenter: Dulmaa Altangerel (National University of Mongolia)

There carried out the analysis of observations of the total solar eclipse on August 1st, 2008, which are received during the expedition organized by Research center of Astronomy and Geophysics of Mongolian Academy of Science, Institute of solar-terrestrial physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science and the Astronomical observatory of the Irkutsk' State University. During the observation of Total Solar Eclipse at “Uvdogiinузуур” in “Altay” сомон of “Khovd” aimag of Mongolia have been received original photos of the solar corona in white-light with a different exposure. On the basis of data of the total solar eclipse for August 01, 2008, a radial distribution of electronic density in the solar corona is estimated. The radial distributions of the brightness of the lower corona is defined in 12 coronal beam's structures of selected directions, these measurements were comparing to Baumbach's approximation. On the average, the radial distribution of electronic concentration received by us in the low corona with removal from the Sun is well described by the formula: n_e (r)=2∙〖10〗^5 r^(-2)∙e^((7.5/r) ) 〖sm〗^(-3). Data of our observations of the total solar eclipse shows that space distribution of brightness of the Solar corona is non-uniform. The received results have confirmed that in the deep minimum of solar activity the equatorially expanded corona in integral light is watched. The brightness measurements in a direction along streamers in an interval 1R to 2.2R from center of a disk of the Sun were made. The relation of brightness of the corona on distances 1.1R and 2.2R was approximately 10.

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