Thursday August 6, 2020
Morning I (Chair: Yuji Matsumoto)
09:30~09:50 Spectral energy distributions of dust and PAHs based on the evolution of grain size distribution in galaxies
Hiroyuki Hirashita (ASIAA)
09:50~10:10 New results from Ken's group on astrophysical simulations
Ken Chen (ASIAA)
10:10~10:30 Two dimensional Particle-in-Cell simulations of black hole magnetospheres
Kouichi Hirotani (ASIAA)
10:30~10:50 Modelling small- and large-scale dynamo processes with the Astaroth GPU code
Miikka Vaisala (ASIAA)
10:50~11:20 Coffee Break
Morning II (Chair: Sayantan Auddy)
11:20~11:40 New measures to test modified gravity cosmologies
Teppei Okumura (ASIAA)
11:40~12:00 Standard Candles and Sirens Rescue H0
Aniket Agrawal (ASIAA)
12:00~12:30 Discussion
Ken Chen / Aniket Agrawal
12:30~14:00 Lunch
Afternoon I (Chair: Teppei Okumura)
14:00~14:20 Bullet Ejections from the Carbon Star V Hydrae
Po-Sheng Huang (ASIAA)
14:20~14:40 ALMA Observations of the Active Accretion in S255IR SMA1
Sheng-Yuan Liu (ASIAA)
14:40~15:00 The darg instability: a potential clump maker within a C-type shock in star-forming clouds
Pin-Gao Gu (ASIAA)
15:00~15:10 Revealing Ionization Conditions of the Young Star Sz 102 with Spatially Resolved Neon Microjets
Jimmy Liu(ASIAA)
15:10~15:40 Coffee Break
Afternoon II (Chair: Hiroyuki Hirashita)
15:40~16:00 Breaking resonant chains of close-in super-Earths
Yuji Matsumoto (ASIAA)
16:00~16:20 Using Machine Learning to predict planet mass from gap profiles in protoplanetary disks
Sayantan Auddy (ASIAA)
16:20~16:40 Migrating Low-Mass Planets in Inviscid Dusty Protoplanetary Discs
He-Feng Hsieh (NTHU)
16:40~17:00 Streaming instabilities in stratified protoplanetary disks
Min-Kai Lin (ASIAA)
17:00~17:30 Discussion
Min-Kai Lin / Miikka Väisälä