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SDSS-IV/MaNGA mini-workshop on galaxy mergers
November 4(Wed)-6(Fri), 2015
ASIAA R1203, Taipei, Taiwan


Wednesday November 4, 2015
08:45~09:15 Registration
09:15~09:30 Opening
MaNGA and merger science
09:30~10:20 Overview of the MaNGA Survey
Kevin Bundy (via remote connection) (IPMU)
10:20~10:40 Coffee Break
10:40~11:30 A complete view of the merger sequence from theory and observations: lessons learned and questions for the future
Sara Ellison (University of Victoria)
11:30~11:55 The role of HI gas in galaxy interactions
Jillian Scudder (University of Sussex)
12:00~13:30 Lunch
MaNGA sample and Tools
13:30~14:20 MaNGA Data: Production, Quality, and a Guide for Practical Use
David Law (STScI)
14:20~14:40 Q&A on DRP/DAP/Marvin
14:40~15:00 Coffee Break
15:00~15:50 MaNGA close pair and merger sample
Lihwai Lin (ASIAA)
15:50~17:00 Working Session
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