Visit ASIAA Homepage Please follow the instructions on Preparation Page to
download and install IDL 8.3 GEOPACK and SPEDAS library
ERG Mission Science Workshop
April 9(Thu)-10(Fri), 2015
R1203, ASIAA, Taipei

Running IDL in ERG Workshop

Downloading IDL

Before coming to the IDL seeing, please download and install IDL 8.3 in your own laptop.  For product download and licensing instructions, please visit the links below:
For window users, please download IDL83EN51-WIN
For Mac/Linux users, please download IDL83EN51

There is also a FAQ page.  Please see the link.

Installing SPEDAS/GEOPACK library

For the session of SPEDAS data reduction and tutorial. Please download and install GEOPACK and SPEDAS library for this training course.

As for SPEDAS, please install the recent bleeding edge version from the URL below:

One can find the SPEDAS information here:

The link of GEOPACK can be found in page link listed as followed.

There are two versions available for each platform on the above website. Please download and install "version 7.6 (v7.6)" for this training session.

Accessing the license server in ASIAA

We have installed the license key in a server, so that all the participants are able to use the IDL in the training session.  Please configure your client machine to ask for licenses from the server by setting the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.


To define the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, do the following:

Unix/Mac OS

setup the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE equal to

1, bash users
edit the ~/.bash_profile to contain this line

Mac users are similar, add it in ~/.bash_profile
if they need to start idl by GUI instead of bash terminal cli, try to
edit ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist
refer to this link

2, csh/tcsh users
edit their ~/.tcshrc or ~/.cshrc file with

Wireless internet in EGR workshop

To access the internet, please use hotspot IAA or IAA-SSO. These hotspot allows you to access the IDL license server in ASIAA. We will announce the login account at the workshop.

ASIAA will not contact participants for credit card information. Privacy and Security Policy