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Citizen Science in Astronomy
March 3(Mon)-7(Fri), 2014
ASIAA R1203, Taipei, Taiwan


Tuesday-Friday morning is the working groups.

Twitter: Attendees who will be tweeting from the workshop are encouraged to use the hashtag #csastro


Monday, Mar. 3 [Room 1203]
09:30 Chris Lintott
(Oxford/Adler Planetarium)
Opening Remarks
09:35 Shiang-Yu Wang
Introduction to ASIAA
09:40 Chris Lintott
(University of Oxford/Adler Planetarium)
What to do with 1 million scientists
10:10 Stuart Lynn
(Adler Planetarium/Zooniverse)
Live feeds, API's and Legacy Data, integrating with the Zooniverse platform
10:40 Karen Masters
(ICG, Univ. of Portsmouth)
Science Results from Galaxy Zoo
11:10 Steven Bamford
(The University of Nottingham)
Turning clicks into science
11:40 Coffee Break
12:00 For full week participants Introductions (Room 1107)
12:15 Lunch Break Lunch for full week participants in Room 1107
13:00 Lunch Break
13:30 Cliff Johnson
(University of Washington)
The Andromeda Project: High-speed Citizen Science
14:00 Meg Schwamb
Assessing the Kepler Inventory of Exoplanets with Planet Hunters
14:30 Michael Aye
Preliminary results of Planet Four
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Edwin SImpson
(University of Oxford)
Intelligent aggregation and tasking in citizen science
16:00 David Harvey
(University of Edinburgh)
Competitive Astronomy: Crowd Sourcing the Universe
16:30 Phil Marshall
(SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
Space Warps: crowd-sourcing the discovery of gravitational lenses
17:00 Chris Lintott (Oxford/Adler Planetarium)
Meg Schwamb (ASIAA)
Closing Remarks/Roundup
17:30 Depart for Workshop Dinner
18:00 Workshop Dinner
Friday, Mar. 7 [Room 1203]
15:00 Presentations/Summary of the Week
15:45 Stuart Lynn
(Adler Planetarium/Zooniverse)
Where the Zooniverse is Heading
16:00 Shiang-Yu Wang
Hyper-Suprime Cam
16:30 Open Discussion Citizen Science Opporunities with HSC and ASIAA
17:30 Stuart Lynn (Adler Planetarium/Zooniverse)
Meg Schwamb (ASIAA)
Summary/Concluding Remarks
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