ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2024
July 1 - August 30

Application Form

Please carefully review the program details before submitting your materials. The application form and all supporting documents must be in English (apart from the Chinese name).
Note: size of the boxes for essays can be adjusted by dragging the lower-right corner of each box.

The application is now closed.

E-mail address
English name Last name :
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Chinese name
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Students in Taiwan should participate in person.
Students outside Taiwan may participate in person or remotely.
Academic background University as of Spring 2024:
Study level as of Spring 2024:
Position after the Summer Student Program
(ex. first-year Master’s student at NTU)
Average grade for each semester: (ex: ABAAB)

Grading system out of 100: A(>80); B(70-79); C(60-69); F(<60).
Major 1:
Major 2 (if any):
Brief autobiography or
curriculum vitae
See notes #1 or upload a CV below.
Research interests
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Please upload academic transcripts (see notes #2), CV, and other supporting materials combined into a single pdf file.
Project selection
For details of the projects, please visit the project description
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2nd choice (optional):

3rd choice (optional):

If you have any preference, please list them according to your priority. You can also put a note below to indicate if you don't have preference among the selected projects. If you have more than 3 options, please input the titles of projects below.
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Interview availabilities
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Fri morning Fri afternoon
Research experience
Computing experience
Programming languages, operating systems, scientific software, etc.
Academic references
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(See notes #3 below)
1. Name:
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2. Name:
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Review your input carefully before submission. Once submitted, you can not re-submit. 
Successful applicants will be notified around end of April.
Your application materials might be used by ASIAA research staffs for future research purposes.


  1. Brief autobiography : Only information relevant to your academic background is needed. For example, what kind of classes have you taken? Have you participated in other activities related to astronomy, physics, or engineering?
  2. Transcripts of your academic record in English are required. We accept unofficial transcripts for the application, but official transcripts will need to be provided should you be accepted by the Program.
  3. Recommendation letters are optional but strongly recommended. Your supervisors for any research projects that you have undertaken are best suited, but anyone familiar with your academic activities is welcome (e.g. lecturers).

    Recommendation letters should be uploaded online by the reviewer no later than one week after the application deadline. Each reviewer will receive a mail from our system with a link to the upload page. The applicant will see an acknowledgment message on the webpage and also receive an acknowledging mail with the web page address. There the applicant can check the status of the reference letter(s). It is the responsibility of the applicant to check this page to remind the reviewers to upload their letters in time.