ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2023
July 3 - August 31

2023 Project Description

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Characterizing embedded, circumstellar disks around protostars

ALMA, Radio Astronomy, Star and Planet Formation


Jinshi Sai, Hsi-Wei Yen
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Task Description and Goals

Circumstellar disks, forming around central stars in star formation processes, are to be the sites of planet formation. The characteristics of the disks are therefore tightly linked to the properties of planets forming there. Recent observations suggest that planet formation may be already on-going in disks around protostars, which are still deeply embedded in star-forming gas. However, the physical state of such embedded disks are poorly understood. In this project, we aim to measure properties of disks around protostars such as temperature, turbulence and so on using archival data of Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

Through this project, students will learn basic knowledge of star and planet formation, and how to analyze ALMA data and extract physical quantities from the observational data.

Required Background

Knowledge of basic physics/English communication skill/Not necessary but experiences in Linux and programing language such as Python are also desirable

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