ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2023
July 3 - August 31

Final Presentations

Last Updated: August 25, 2023
28 Aug (Mon)
Time PlacePresentationSupervisor
09:30~09:50 R1203 Chih-Fu Lai
Spectral Line Identification via Deep Learning
Kuo-Song Wang, Yu-Hsuan Hwang, Chin-Fei Lee
09:50~10:10 R1203 Jyun-Heng Lin
Probing the Envelope and Accretion Disk of HH111 with ALMA: Uncovering the motion around the central protostar
Chin-Fei Lee
10:10~10:30 R1203 Andrea Rose Franco
Diagnosis of plasma conditions in the intracluster medium of the galaxy cluster A754 with XRISM
Shutaro Ueda
10:50~11:10 R1203 I-Hsuan Li
Exploring discontinuities in X-ray surface brightness of nearby galaxy clusters
Shutaro Ueda, Keiichi Umetsu
11:10~11:30 R1203 Himadri Saha
Characterisation of Early Prototype Local Oscillators for the ALMA Upgrade
Yuh-Jing Hwang
11:30~11:50 R1203 Tzu-Ching Wu
125-140 GHz and 170-260 GHz feed antenna pattern measurement system
Yuh-Jing Hwang
14:00~14:20 R1203 Ning Chen
Sizes of Dusty Protoplanetary Disks in the Young Multiple Protostellar System HH24
Hsi-Wei Yen
14:20~14:40 R1203 Mihirkumar Tripathi
Investigating temperature distribution around CO-depleted regions in the L1489 IRS disk
Jinshi Sai, Hsi-Wei Yen
14:40~15:00 R1203 Wei-Shan Su
Analyzing Spiral Structures in Flyby-Encountered Protoplanetary Disks: Implications for Planet Formation
Jeremy L. Smallwood
15:20~15:40 R1203 Yi-Chieh Chang
Oscillations of the atmospheres of hot Jupiters
Pin-Gao Gu
15:40~16:00 R1203 Chih-Yuan Chang
Connecting dense and diffuse gas flows in the giant molecular filament G214.5-1.8: why is this filament so bad at forming stars?
Seamus Clarke
16:00~16:20 (remote) Polina Smirnova
How do supernova remnants impact molecular clouds and star formation? Using the unique CTB 109 remnant as a case study
Seamus Clarke
29 Aug (Tue)
Time PlacePresentationSupervisor
09:30~09:50 R1203 Li-Yuan Chen
The structure and evolution of early galaxies with JWST
Po-Feng Wu, Chian-Chou Chen
09:50~10:20 (remote) Wanying Huang & Krishna Aadi
A Submillimeter Survey of Massive Star Forming Regions with Class II Methanol Masers
Sheng-Yuan Liu, Yu-Nung Su
10:20~10:40 R1203 Lydia Guertin
Double-Lensed Emission of PSR B1133+16: Understanding Extreme Scattering Events Through Pulsar Scintillometry
Daniel Baker
11:00~11:20 R1203 Damir Gasymov
Analysis properties and kinematics of gas in bar galaxies from MaNGA SDSS
Carlos Lopez-Coba
11:20~11:40 (remote) Cheng Li
Deep Learning Architectures for the 1D Burgers' Equation: Evaluating PINN and CNN Methods
Hsien Shang, Somdeb Bandopadhyay
11:40~12:00 R1203 Jui-Kuan Chan
Characterizing the Properties of DESI Lyman Alpha Emitter Candidates
Ting-Wen Lan
14:00~14:20 R1203 Paul Huang
Development of control software for a near-field beam pattern measurement system
Teddy Huang
14:20~14:40 R1203 Ayumu Shoshi
Exploring Planet Formation through ALMA Super-resolution Imaging: An Analysis of Disk Structures Across Different Evolutionary Stages
Masayuki Yamaguchi, Naomi Hirano
14:40~15:00 R1203 Phu Huy Nguyen
The first cosmological turbulence
Ken Chen
15:20~15:40 R1203 Binh Nguyen
Clumpy Circumstellar Interaction of Supernovae
Ken Chen
15:40~16:00 R1203 Yu-Tsung Lu
The Formation of Young Supernovae Remnants
Ken Chen
16:00~16:20 R1203 Jun Qi Liew
Running cosmological simulations on Kawas
Ken Chen
30 Aug (Wed)
Time PlacePresentationSupervisor
09:30~09:50 R1203 Yu-Ren Lin
Clustering Redshift in the COSMOS Field
Yi-Kuan Chiang
09:50~10:10 R1203 Zi-Hua Ho
Determining the quenching modes of galaxies of MaNGA data by non-parametric parameters
Lihwai Lin, Hung-Yu Jian, Bau-Ching Hsieh
10:10~10:30 R1203 Wen-Yen Wu
Comparing Quenching Modes of Galaxies between HSC and MaNGA
Lihwai Lin, Hung-Yu Jian, Bau-Ching Hsieh
10:50~11:10 R1203 Jan Cho
Exploring the Numerical Stability of Core Collapse Models
Hsien Shang, Miikka Väisälä
11:10~11:30 (remote) Aishee Chakraborty
Stability analysis of a compressible vortex sheet with confined boundary conditions
Hsien Shang
11:30~11:50 R1203 Yung-Chuen Chang
Optical observations of satellites with LATTE
Wei-Hao Wang
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