ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2022
July 1 - August 31

Final Presentations

Last Updated: August 25, 2023
29 Aug (Mon)
Time PlacePresentationSupervisor
10:30~10:50 (remote) Garvit Agarwal
Investigating the impact of the single-moon assumption in exomoon modeling
Alex Teachey
10:50~11:10 R1203 Zhong-han Ai 艾宗瀚
Velocity Structures of ALMASOP Outflows
Hsien Shang
11:10~11:30 R1203 Yung-Ching Sun 孫詠晴
Explorations of Fourier Transform Algorithms
Hsien Shang
11:30~11:50 R1203 Cheng-Han Lai 賴政翰
Explorations of Murchison Meteorite Samples with X-ray Tomography using Synchrotron Radiation
Hsien Shang
14:20~14:40 (remote) Dionysios Gakis
Investigating environment effects in the Saraswati supercluster
Rogerio Monteiro-Oliveira
14:40~15:00 R1203 Sy-Yun Pu 蒲思云
Constraining cosmological models with anisotropic clustering of halos in redshift space at high redshifts
Teppei Okumura & Chian-Chou Chen
15:20~15:40 R1203 Jo-Shui Kao 高若水
Fragmentation and properties of dense cores
Hsi-Wei Yen
15:40~16:00 (remote) Wing-Yu Siu 蕭詠輿
How are orbits of planets determined?
Christian Flores Gonzalez & Nagayoshi Ohashi
30 Aug (Tue)
Time PlacePresentationSupervisor
10:30~10:50 (remote) Van Le
Planet-induced vortices with Disc Winds
Michael Hammer
10:50~11:10 R1203 Yung-Jiun Chen 陳永濬
Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Hydro Simulations I. Superluminous Supernovae
Ken Chen
11:10~11:30 R1203 HsiangYu Chen 陳庠宇
Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Cosmological Simulations -- Formation of Baby Galaxies
Ken Chen
11:30~11:50 R1203 Tsung-Han Chuang 莊宗翰
Molecular Gas Conditions in The Cores Before and After Onset of Star Formation
Naomi Hirano
14:00~14:20 R1203 Chia-Ming Chang 張家銘
Measuring the Gas Properties in LMC Superbubble DEM192
You-Hua Chu & Ting-Wen Lan
14:20~14:40 R1203 Yining Huang 黃羿寧
Ultraviolet Observation of the Superbubble DEM 229 in the LMC
You-Hua Chu & Ting-Wen Lan
14:40~15:00 (remote) Vladislav Makeev
Can multi-scale gas flows explain why the giant molecular filament G214.5-1.8 is so bad at forming stars?
Seamus Clarke
15:20~15:40 R1203 Ting-Xuan Li 李廷軒
Mass-Velocity Dispersion Relation in BAHAMAS Simulated Galaxy Clusters
Sut leng Tam & Keiichi Umetsu
15:40~16:00 (remote) Yinhao Wu 吴寅昊
Study the Hall Effect on Streaming Instability in Dusty Protoplanetary Disks
Min-Kai Lin
16:00~16:20 R1203 Ya-Chi Wang 王亞琪
Particle acceleration in hydrodynamic shocks
Kouichi Hirotani & Hsien Shang
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