ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2022
July 1 - August 31


Total number of participants: 19
  Name Supervisor Project
photo Li, Ting-Xuan
ssp202201   _replace_to_@_
Sut-Ieng Tam,
Keiichi Umetsu
Dark Matter in Massive Galaxy Clusters
photo Pu, Sy-Yun
ssp202202   _replace_to_@_
Teppei Okumura,
Chian-Chou Chen (TC)
Dark on Dark - dark energy as seen from the eyes of dark galaxies
photo Kao, Jo-Shui
ssp202203   _replace_to_@_
Hsi-Wei Yen Formation of binary stars or multiple systems in molecular clouds
photo Chen, HsiangYu
ssp202204   _replace_to_@_
Ken Chen Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Cosmological Simulations II. Formation of Baby Galaxies
photo Chen, Yung-Jiun
ssp202205   _replace_to_@_
Ken Chen Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Hydro Simulations I. Superluminous Supernovae
photo Chang, Chia-Ming
ssp202206   _replace_to_@_
You-Hua Chu & Ting-Wen Lan Probing Gas flows from Superbubbles to the Circumgalactic Medium with the Hubble Space Telescope
photo Huang, Yining
ssp202207   _replace_to_@_
You-Hua Chu & Ting-Wen Lan Probing Gas flows from Superbubbles to the Circumgalactic Medium with the Hubble Space Telescope
photo Sun, Yung-Ching
ssp202208   _replace_to_@_
Hsien Shang Computational Methods, Benchmarking and Code Development for Astrophysical Fluids
photo Ai, Zhong-han
ssp202209   _replace_to_@_
Hsien Shang Developing Numerical Tools for Star Forming Processes
ssp202210   _replace_to_@_
Hsien Shang,
Der-Chuen Lee,
Daniel Harsono,
Ming-Jye Wang
How to build the Solar System???
photo Wang, Ya-Chi
ssp202211   _replace_to_@_
Kouichi Hirotani,
Hsien Shang
The activity of black hole magnetospheres
photo Tsung-Han, Chuang
ssp202213   _replace_to_@_
Naomi Hirano Probing the onset of star formation with deuterated molecules
photo n/a Gakis, Dionysios

ssp202214   _replace_to_@_
Rogério Monteiro-Oliveira Anatomy of a giant: investigating environment effects in the Saraswati supercluster
photo n/a Makeev, Vladislav

ssp202215   _replace_to_@_
Seamus Clarke Can multi-scale gas flows explain why the giant molecular filament G214.5-1.8 is so bad at forming stars?
photo Wu, Yinhao
ssp202216   _replace_to_@_
Min-Kai Lin,
Chun-Yen Hsu
Dust dynamics in magnetized protoplanetary disks
photo n/a Siu, Wing Yu
ssp202217   _replace_to_@_
Christian Flores Gonzalez and Nagayoshi Ohashi How are orbits of planets determined?
photo Agarwal, Garvit

ssp202218   _replace_to_@_
Alex Teachey Investigating the Impact of Simplifying Assumptions in Exomoon System Modeling
photo n/a Sastry, Parth

ssp202219   _replace_to_@_
Marius Lehmann Modelling of resonantly excited nonlinear wave trains in Saturn's rings.
photo n/a Le, Van
Van Boi Le
ssp202220   _replace_to_@_
Michael Hammer,
Min-Kai Lin
Why are there so few vortices in protoplanetary discs?
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