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TIARA Summer School on Origins of the Solar System
July 16-20, 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

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  1. Please note that participation contact details kept on the ASIAA database will only be used by ASIAA and Organizing Committee members. ASIAA does not record or store credit card information. ASIAA will not contact participants for credit card information by phone or any other method.
  2. A list of all attendees, their affiliation institutions will be shared on the website.
  3. The participation contact details, except the names of attendees and their affiliation institutions, will be deleted after 30 working days after the event.
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Registration Deadline: June 15, 2018
Deadline for applying for lodging support: May 31, 2018
Participants holding PRC passports: April 30, 2018
Form closed on Jun 15, 2018
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