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The 19th East Asia Sub-millimeter-wave Receiver Technology Workshop
November 28-30, 2017
ASIAA, Taipei


Total number: 18
1 Chih-chen Chang 張志成 ASIAA
2 Jen-Chieh Cheng 鄭仁傑 ASIAA
3 Hsu Chia feng national taiwan university
4 Kuo-Chieh Fu ASIAA
5 Yau-De (Ted) Huang ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] ALMA Band 1 Receiver
6 homin Jiang 江宏明 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] TBD
7 yang Jinping 杨瑾屏 Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS,2 West Beijing Road, Nanjing 210008, China
[Oral Presentation] The effect of subway for microwave response of MKids
8 James Lee Gbo Systems
9 Jung-Won Lee Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
[Oral Presentation] TBD
10 Yi-Wei Lee ASIAA
11 Chao-Te Li ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Millimeter Wave Grating Spectrometer for TIME
12 Kevin Sheng-Kai Ma 馬聖凱 Department of Physics, National Taiwan University
13 Wei Miao 缪巍 Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS
14 YUAN Ren 任远 Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
15 Chao-Ching Wang 王詔敬 ASIAA
16 Ming-Jye Wang ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] The new SMA Receiver
17 Chen-Yu Yu ASIAA
18 Wen Zhang Purple Mountain Observatory