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The 19th East Asia Sub-millimeter-wave Receiver Technology Workshop
November 28-30, 2017
ASIAA, Taipei


Total number of abstracts: 22
1 Dan Bintley
Nov 28 14:00
Future receivers and instrumentation for JCMT
Abstract Presentation
Dan Bintley (EAO) Per Friberg (EAO)
2 Hsiao Wen Chang
Nov 29 12:30
Fabrication and Superconducting properties of ultra-thin NbN film
H. W. Chang[1], H. Hsieh[1,2], C. L. Wang[1], Y. R. Huang[1], T. J. Chen[1], and M. J. Wang[1,3] ([1]Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica [2]Department of Physics, National Taiwan University [3]Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)
3 Ming-Tang Chen
Nov 28 10:30
The Greenland Telescope
Ming-Tang Chen
4 Chau Ching Chiong
Nov 28 16:30
New 7mm receiver for Nobeyama 45m telescope

Chau Ching, Chiong (ASIAA)
5 Shohei Ezaki
Nov 28 14:30
Development of Multi-Beam Superconducting Heterodyne Receiver for Radio Telescopes
Shohei Ezaki, Wenlei Shan, Shin’ichiro Asayama, Takashi Noguchi and Satoru Iguchi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
6 Per Friberg
Nov 28 11:00
Future Instrumentation at the JCMT
Per Friberg (EAO) and Dan Bintley (EAO)
7 Kohei Haratani
Nov 29 08:30
Development of a waveguide-type multiplexer in 200 GHz band for simultaneous observation of atmospheric molecular lines
Abstract Presentation
Kohei Haratani(Nagoya University)
8 Paul Ho
Nov 28 10:00
Science Drivers for Next Generation of Submillimeter/Millimeter Instrumentation
Paul Ho (ASIAA)
9 Yau-De (Ted) Huang
Nov 28 16:00
ALMA Band 1 Receiver
Yau De(Ted) Huang on behalf of Band 1 team (ASIAA, NAOJ, NRAO, NRC HIA, University of Chile)
10 Yen-Ru Huang
Nov 28 15:00
The 1.5 THz Cartridge-type Multi-pixel Receiver for the Greenland Telescope (GLT)
Y. -R. Huang*, C. -P. Chiu, W. -C. Lu, C. -L. Wang, T. -J. Chen, Y. -P. Chang, H. -W. Chang, and M. -J. Wang (ASIAA)
11 Homin Jiang
Nov 29 09:00
Digital Backend Development in ASIAA

Homin Jiang
12 Yang Jinping
Nov 29 11:00
The effect of subway for microwave response of MKIDs

Jinping Yang,Shengcai Shi(PMO)
13 Hyunwoo Kang
Nov 28 11:30
Current status of TRAO with SEQUOIA-TRAO system
Kang, Hyunwoo
14 Akira Kawakami
Nov 30 09:00
Investigation of Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer using Magnetic Thin Film
Akira Kawakami, Yoshihisa Irimajiri, Taro Yamashita, Satoshi Ochiai, Yoshinori Uzawa
15 Bangwon Lee
Nov 29 10:00
ASTE receiver optics design using ultra-wideband corrugated horn at combined ALMA band 7 and band 8 frequencies
Bangwon Lee(Seoul National Univ.), Jung-won Lee(Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Alvaro Gonzalez (National Observatory of Japan)
16 Jung-Won Lee
Nov 28 13:30
ASTE band7+8 receiver project
Jung-Won Lee, ASTE band7+8 receiver team
17 Chao-Te Li
Nov 29 09:30
TIME Millimeter Wave Grating Spectrometer
Chao-Te Li (ASIAA) and TIME collaboration
18 Wei Miao
Nov 30 09:30
A graphene based terahertz hot electron bolometer with Johnson noise readout
Wei Miao, Hao Gao, Zheng Wang, Wen Zhang, Yuan Ren, Kangmin Zhou, Shengcai Shi, Cui Yu, Zezhao He, Qingbin Liu, and Zhihong Feng
19 Takashi Noguchi
Nov 30 08:30
Experimental evidence of existence of residual qusiparticles and their contribution to the properties of MKID resonators at very low temperature
Takashi Noguchi Advanced Technology Center, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
20 Ming-Jye Wang
Nov 28 17:00
The new SMA Receiver
Abstract Presentation
Ming-JYe Wang (ASIAA) wSMA team (ASIAA&SAO)
21 Wen Zhang
Nov 30 10:00
Twin-slot antenna coupled superconducting Ti transition edge sensor
Wen Zhang, Wei Miao, Zheng Wang, Jia-Qiang Zhong, Dong Liu, Qi-Jun Yao, and Sheng-Cai Shi
22 Wen Zhang
Nov 29 12:00
Mid-infrared heterodyne receiver based on a superconducting hot electron bolometer mixer and a quantum cascade laser

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