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The 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop
September 5-8, 2017
ASIAA, Taipei / NCKU, Tainan

Oral Presentation

Medium-energy Experiments - electron analyzer onboard ERG

Author(s): S. Kasahara, S. Yokota, T. Mitani, K. Aasamura, M. Hirahara, Y. Shibano, and T. Takashima

Presenter: Satoshi Kasahara (The university of Tokyo)

Medium-Energy Particle experiments - electron analyser (MEP-e) onboard
Energisation and Radiation in Geospace (ERG) spacecraft measures the energy
and the direction of each incoming electron in the range of 7 to 87 keV. The
sensor covers 2 radian disk-like eld-of-view with 16 detectors, and the solid
angle coverage is achieved by using spacecraft spin motion. The electron energy
is independently measured by an electrostatic analyser and avalanche
photodiodes, enabling the signicant background reduction. We describe the
technical approaches, data output, and examples of initial observations.

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