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The 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop
September 5-8, 2017
ASIAA, Taipei / NCKU, Tainan

Oral Presentation

Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE) on board the ARASE (ERG) Satellite

Author(s): Y. Kasahara (Kanazawa Univ.), Y. Kasaba, H. Kojima, S. Yagitani, K. Ishisaka, A. Kumamoto, F. Tsuchiya, M. Ozaki, S. Matsuda, M. Ota, T. Imachi, M. Hikishima, Y. Katoh, A. Matsuoka, and Y. Miyoshi

Presenter: Yoshiya Kasahara (Kanazawa University)

The Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE) is one of scientific instruments on board Arase. It measures electric field from DC to 10 MHz by the wire-probe antennas (WPT), and magnetic field from a few Hz to 100 kHz by the magnetic search coils (MSC). Three kinds of receivers are implemented in the PWE; EFD (Electric Field Detector), OFA/WFC (Onboard Frequency Analyzer and Waveform Capture), and HFA (High Frequency Analyzer). Several kinds of operational modes are implemented in the PWE.
The PWE will generate wave spectra in VLF/HF range and waveforms in ELF range as “nominal data”, while waveform data in VLF range will be once stored in the mission data recorder (MDR) as “burst mode data” and partial data will be selected and downloaded to the tracking stations. Two kinds of burst modes are implemented; one is “chorus burst” and another is “EMIC-burst”. In the presentation, we introduce the specification of the PWE and several observation results.

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