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The 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop
September 5-8, 2017
ASIAA, Taipei / NCKU, Tainan

Oral Presentation

Software-type Wave-Particle Interaction Analyzer on board ARASE satellite

Author(s): H. Kojima, Y. Katoh, M. Hikishima, T. Takashima, K. Asamura, Y. Miyoshi, Y. Kasahara, S. Kasahara, T. Mitahi, N. Higashio, A. atsuoka, M. Ozaki, S. Yagitani, S. Yokota, S. Matsuda, M. Kitahara, I. Shinohara

Presenter: Hirotsugu Kojima (RISH, Kyoto University)

The integration of the cutting-edge of technology and the unique idea in satellite observation enables us to study the direct measurement of wave-particle interactions in space. It is the Wave-particle interaction analyzer (WPIA). The WPIA is a new method of observing wave-particle interactions in space. The nature of wave-particle interactions lies in the phase difference between electric field vectors(E) and velocity vectors of particles(V). This appears as the inner product form as E dot V. The conventional observation method in the basis of velocity distribution functions misses the information of this phase difference, because the velocity distribution function is obtained by the time integration of detected particles. The WPIA overcomes this problem in the conventional method by handling each detected particle and instant electric field intensity with keeping the enough accuracy in the relative time difference between them. The Arase satellite is the first satellite which introduced the WPIA function. The WPIA function of the Arase satellite is realized by the onboard software along with the cooperative instruments of plasma waves and particles. We call it Software-type Wave-Particle Interaction Analyzer (S-WPIA). The present paper shows the details of the S-WPIA and discuss the strategy how we meet the objective
of the S-WPIA in the Arase satellite operation.

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