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The 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop
September 5-8, 2017
ASIAA, Taipei / NCKU, Tainan

Oral Presentation

Arase mission; overview

Author(s): Y. Miyoshi, I. Shinohara, T. Takashima, K. Asamura, S.-Y. Wang , Y. Kazama, S. Kasahara, S. Yokota, T. Mitani, N. Higashio, Y. Kasahara, A. Matsuoka, H. Kojima, K. Shiokawa, K. Seki

Presenter: Yoshizumi Miyoshi (ISEE, Nagoya University)

The Arase (ERG) satellite was successfully launched in 2016. In this presentation, we will report overview and initial highlights for the first year and further observation plan.

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