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East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2016-Taiwan
March 10-12, 2017
National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan


Total number: 110
1 Eiji Akiyama NAOJ
[Oral] Disk structure in a large hole of a pre-transitional disk around Sun-like PDS 70 young star
2 Yiping Ao 敖宜平 NAOJ
[Oral] Deep submm and radio observations towards a large sample of LABs in SSA22
3 Keiichi Asada 浅田圭一 ASIAA
[Oral] Mass Accretion onto the Supermassive Black Hole in M87 by Utilizing sub-mm Polarization
4 Yusuke Aso 麻生有佑 The University of Tokyo
[Invited] ALMA Observations from Protostellar Disks to Earlier-Phase Objects
5 Geoffrey Bower ASIAA
[Oral] ALMA Polarimetry of Sagittarius A* and Other Low Luminosity AGN: Probing the Accretion Flow on Scales from 1 to 1000 Schwarzschild Radii
6 Gianni Cataldi Subaru telescope, NAOJ
[Oral] ALMA detects CI in the beta Pictoris debris disk
7 Eswaraiah Chakali NTHU
8 Yu-Yen Chang 張雨晏 ASIAA
[Oral] Compaction in Obscured AGN Hosts
9 Vivien Chen 陳惠茹 National Tsing Hua University
10 C. Z. (Frank) Cheng 陳秋榮 National Cheng Kung University
[Oral] Solar Flares
11 Pou-Ieng Cheong 張寶瑩 NTHU
12 Hsu Chia feng ntu
13 Ming-Chi Chung 鍾明錡 National Taiwan Normal University
[Poster] ALMA Study of Atmospheric Compositions of Jovian Moons Io and Callisto
14 Hao-Yuan Duan 段皓元 NTHU
15 Siyi Feng 冯思轶 Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik
[Oral] The 70 μm-dark high-mass clump G 28.34 S: a prestellar or protostellar clump?
16 Zhen-Kai Gao 高振凱 NCU
17 Tomo Goto NTHU
18 Stephane Guilloteau LAB - CNRS - U.Bordeaux
[Review] Protoplanetary disks: did ALMA reached our expectations ?
19 Nanase Harada ASIAA
[Invited] Chemical diagnostics in external galaxies
20 Tetsuya Hashimoto 橋本哲也 NTHU
21 Bunyo Hatsukade 廿日出文洋 The University of Tokyo
[Invited] Submillimeter Sources Revealed with ALMA Deep Surveys
22 Natsuki H. Hayatsu 早津夏己 University of Tokyo
[Oral] ALMA Deep Field in SSA22 : Cosmic Molecular Gas Mass Density at z = 0.7 and 6.2
23 Naomi Hirano 平野 尚美 ASIAA
[Oral] Science with the w-SMA in the ALMA era
24 Hiroyuki Hirashita 平下博之 ASIAA
[Oral] Dust evolution in high-redshift galaxies: modeling toward ALMA
25 Kuan-Chou Hou 侯冠州 ASIAA/NTU
[Poster] Cosmological simulation with dust evolution
26 Chenghan Hsieh National Tsing Hua University
27 Tien-Hao Hsieh 謝天晧 ASIAA
[Oral] Probing Episodic Accretion Process in Very Low Luminosity Objects
28 Ting-Chi Huang 黃鼎耆 NTHU
29 Yu-Hsuan Hwang 黃于瑄 NTU
30 Akio Inoue 井上昭雄 Osaka Sangyo University
[Invited] Detecting [OIII] emission lines in the early Universe
31 Tsuyoshi Ishida 石田剛 The University of Tokyo
[Oral] A New Algorithm of Source Plane Reconstruction and Resolved
 Star-Formation Properties of a Highly Lensed Submillimeter Galaxy
32 Takuma Izumi 泉拓磨 The University of Tokyo
[Invited] ALMA investigation of circumnuclear-scale AGN feeding and obscuration
33 Kai-Syun Jhan 詹凱勳 ASIAA
34 Akimasa Kataoka 片岡章雅 Heidelberg University
[Oral] millimeter-wave polarization as a tool of investigating the planet formation
35 Hyosun Kim ASIAA
[Invited] Circumstellar Patterns of Old Stars: the Messages from Binary Stars via ALMA
36 Hyun-Jeong Kim Seoul National University
[Poster] ALMA Observations of Massive Young Stellar Objects in the Infrared Dark Cloud Core MSXDC G053.11+00.05 MM1
37 Jongsoo Kim Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
38 Chia-Lin Ko 柯嘉琳 National Taiwan Normal University
39 Jun Yi Koay ASIAA
[Oral] Gas fueling and extreme variability in the changing-look AGN Mrk 590
40 Patrick Koch ASIAA
[Invited] The Magnetic Field in Star Formation from Large to Small Scales: How Important Is It?
41 Jin Koda 幸田 仁 Stony Brook University
[Review] The Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies in the ALMA Era
42 Ekaterina Koptelova 柯伊娜 National Central University/Graduate Institute of Astronomy
[Oral] ALMA redshifts of quasar candidates selected from PanSTARRs1
43 Yi-Jehng Kuan 管 一 政 National Taiwan Normal University
44 Woojin Kwon Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)
[Review] Star formation from ALMA's point of view
45 Shih-Ping Lai 賴詩萍 National Tsing Hua University
[Oral] ALMA Observations of Spiral Accretion Flows Towards Extremely Young Protostars
46 Bumhyun Lee Yonsei University
[Oral] An ALMA view of NGC 4522, a ram pressure stripped Virgo spiral
47 Chien-Feng Lee 李建鋒 ASIAA
48 Chin-Fei Lee ASIAA
[Oral] Disk Formation in the Early Phase of Star Formation
49 MINJU Lee 李 民主 The University of Tokyo
[Oral] Galaxy evolution within the cosmic web at high redshift : case study for z=2.5 protocluster with ALMA
50 Hua-bai Li CUHK
[Oral] How far we can assume turbulence anisotropy and magnetic flux freezing?
51 Xiaohu Li 李小虎 ASIAA & NAOC
[Oral] Resolving several molecules towards AGB envelopes
52 Li wen Liao 廖俐雯 NTHU
53 En-Tzu Lin 林恩慈 NTHU
54 Jerry Lin 林宏修 NTHU
55 Lihwai Lin ASIAA
[Invited] ALMA and MaNGA views on green valley galaxies
56 Sheng-Jun Lin National Tsing Hua University
57 Hauyu Baobab Liu 包包 ESO at Garching
[Oral] Linear Polarization of Sgr A* at ALMA Band 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9
58 Sheng-Yuan Liu ASIAA
[Oral] The disk-outflow system around the massive YSO S255 IR
59 Tie Liu 刘铁 KASI
[Oral] ALMA reveals sequential massive star formation in G9.62+0.19 complex
60 Wen-Ping Lo 羅文斌 ASIAA/NTU
61 Charlotte Lu Yu Syaun Lu NTHU Physics dep.
62 Xing Lu 吕行 NAOJ
[Oral] Deeply Embedded Star formation in the Central Molecular Zone
63 A-RAN Lyo Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
64 Satoki Matsushita 松下 聡樹 ASIAA
[Oral] Greenland Telescope and ALMA Baselines: Key to Image Black Hole Shadow
65 Tomonari Michiyama 道山 知成 NAOJ/SOKENDAI
[Oral] Dense molecular gas outflow from the merging galaxy NGC 3256
66 Yusuke Miyamoto 宮本祐介 Nobeyama Radio Observatory
[Oral] ALMA view of the central region of NGC 613
67 Munetake Momose 百瀬宗武 Ibaraki University
68 Oscar Morata ASIAA
[Invited] Status and near future of the ALMA Band 1 Receiver Development Project
69 Takayuki Muto 武藤 恭之 Division of Liberal Arts, Kogakuin University, Japan
[Oral] Gap and Vortex in Protoplanetary Disks
70 Naslim Neelamkodan NAOJ
[Oral] A massive star forming region N55 in the LMC observed with ALMA
71 Quang Nguyen luong KASI
[Oral] SiO emission in Infrared Dark Cloud
72 Hideko Nomura Tokyo Institute of Technology
[Invited] Molecular Line Observations of Protoplanetary Disks
73 Nagayoshi Ohashi Subaru Telescope, NAOJ
74 Satoshi Ohashi The University of Tokyo
[Invited] Dense core properties and star formation in the Infrared Dark clouds
75 Kyoko Onishi 大西響子 SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
[Oral] Molecular Gas Kinematics at the Core of Nearby Galaxies
76 Po-Sheng Ou 歐柏昇 ASIAA
77 Ellis Owen University College London - Mullard Space Science Laboratory
[Oral] Cosmic-rays, Lyman-alpha halos and molecular clouds in starbursting protogalaxies
78 Nhung Pham Vietnam National Satellite Centre /VAST
[Oral] High resolution ALMA observation of the CO(3-2) and 350 GHz continuum emissions of the debris disc of 49 Ceti
79 Tuan-Anh Pham Vietnam National Satelite Center
[Oral] On the dust and gas components of the z=2.8 gravitationally lensed quasar host RX J0911.4+0551
80 Kazuya Saigo 西合一矢 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Poster] Kinematic Structure of Molecular Gas around Papillon Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud
81 Toshiki Saito 斉藤俊貴 The University of Tokyo, NAOJ
[Invited] Revealing Physical, Chemical, and Morphological Structures of Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies
82 Patricio Sanhueza NAOJ
[Poster] ALMA Survey of Prestellar, Massive Cluster-Forming Clumps
83 Bo-Ting Shen 沈柏廷 NTU physics
84 Masumi Shimojo 下条圭美 NAOJ
[Review] New window of solar physics: Solar observations with ALMA
85 James Simpson ASIAA
[Oral] ALMA imaging of SCUBA-2 sources in the UDS and COSMOS fields
86 Yu-Nung Su ASIAA
87 Ai-Lei Sun 孫愛蕾 ASIAA
[Oral] ALMA Perspective of Molecular Outflows in Luminous Obscured AGN at z~0.1
88 Shigehisa Takakuwa 高桑 繁久 Kagoshima University
[Oral] Counter-Rotation between the Disk and Envelope around IRAS 04169+2702
89 Ya-Wen Tang 湯雅雯 ASIAA
[Invited] Planet Formation in AB Aurigae: Imaging of the Inner Gaseous Spirals inside the dust cavity
90 Ken'ichi Tatematsu 立松 健一 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Invited] ARC report
91 Ryo Tazaki Kyoto university
[Oral] Radiative grain alignment in protoplanetary disks: Implications for polarimetric observations
92 Hank Ting 丁聿懷 NTHU
93 Yoshiki Toba 鳥羽儀樹 ASIAA
[Oral] ALMA observations of infrared-bright dust-obscured galaxies
94 Anli Tsai 蔡安理 NCU
[Oral] Molecular Outflows of NGC 3628 in Large Scale
95 Chih-Yin Tseng 曾芝寅 ASIAA/NTU
96 Wei-Ling Tseng 曾瑋玲 NTNU, Taiwan
97 Masato Tsuboi Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA
[Oral] The Second Galactic Center Black Hole?; Possible Detection of Accreting Ionized Gas onto the IRS13E
98 Takashi Tsukagoshi Ibaraki University
[Invited] Submillimeter multi-wavelength observations for the protoplanetary disk around TW Hya with Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array
99 Kenta Uehara 上原顕太 The University of Tokyo
[Oral] title : Massive Star Formation in the Galactic Center 50km/s Molecular Cloud revealed by ALMA
100 Jia-Wei Wang 王嘉瑋 NTHU
101 Kuo-Song Wang ASIAA
102 Wei-Chen Wang ASIAA
[Poster] Dust evolution processes in normal galaxies at z > 6 detected by ALMA
103 Wei-Hao Wang 王為豪 ASIAA
[Oral] SXDF-ALMA 2-arcmin^2 Deep Survey: Stacking of Rest-Frame Near-Infrared Selected Objects
104 Han Wu Institute of Astronomy, NTHU
105 Yuki Yamaguchi 山口裕貴 Institute of Astronomy, University of Tokyo
[Oral] A blind CO line-emitter search using ALMA data toward gravitational lensing clusters
106 Ya-Hui Yang 楊雅惠 Institute of Space Science, National Central University
107 Hsi-Wei Yen 顏士韋 ESO
[Oral] Observational Studies on Formation of Protoplanetary DIsks
108 Sheng Hung Yen 嚴升鴻 NTHU
109 Ya-Wen Yo 游雅雯 National Taiwan Normal University
[Poster] ALMA imaging of trans-cis conformers of formic acid in Orion KL
110 Min Yun University of Massachusetts
[Review] ALMA Studies of High Redshift Galaxies