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M87 Workshop: Towards the 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Cosmic Jets
May 23-27, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

High sensitivity VLBI imaging of the innermost jet and counter jet of M87

Author(s): Hada, K., Kino, M., Doi, A., Nagai, H., Honma, M., Akiyama, K., Tazaki, F., Lico, R., Giroletti. M., Giovannini, G., Orienti, M., Hagiwara, Y., Asada, K., Nakamura, M., Algaba, J. C., Pu. H.-Y., and Matsuzawa, A.

Presenter: Kazuhiro Hada (Mizusawa VLBI Observatory, NAOJ)

The nearest powerful relativistic jet M87 offers a unique opportunity to probe the jet formation region near the central supermassive black hole in great detail with VLBI. The main jet of M87 shows a well-defined edge-brightened structure, and the width follows a parabola-shape collimation profile up to the location of HST-1.
On the other hand, observational properties of the counter jet remain elusive due to its weak nature. Probing the counter jet as well as the main jet is useful for better understanding the bulk flow acceleration, collimation and possible absorption signature by the surrounding accretion accretion flow. To address these issues in a better way, obtaining a high dynamic range is necessary. In this talk we present two kinds of our recent quasi-full track high-sensitivity imaging observations of this jet. First we will talk about our VLBA+GBT study at 86GHz, in which we achieved an image dynamic range greater than 1500 at a resolution of 10 Schwarzschild radii. Next we will talk about our new VLBA+Y27 observation at 15GHz, where we aim at imaging the jet and the counter jet further down the flow. We will present detailed brightness profiles of the main jet and counter jet, and discuss the internal physical properties of M87 jet based on these images.

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