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Photometric Redshifts for Large Scale Surveys
- Estimation and technical challenges in the context of upcoming large scale surveys
September 3-5, 2013
ASIAA R1107, Taipei, Taiwan

We propose to organize a scientific workshop at ASIAA focused on photometric redshifts and the technical challenges upcoming large scale surveys will face to compute, store and distribute an unprecedented amount of data. The aim of the workshop is to gather together world-leading experts involved in such projects (HSC, Pan-STARRs, DES, KIDS, PAU, J-PAS, LSST, Euclid, etc.) to discuss solutions for photo-z estimation techniques suitable for lensing, galaxy and AGN sciences; taking into consideration the challenges of having these solutions implemented for large amount of data and in a database environment.

The success of upcoming large photometric surveys will greatly depend on our ability to compute robust photometric redshifts for an unprecedented amount of multicolor imaging data. The preparation for future surveys and the experience from the past ones has shown the increasing importance of setting up a calibration strategy based on spectroscopic data, (spectro-photo) cross-correlation techniques and multi-wavelength deep photometric data with a large number of bands. The best global strategy is yet to be found, but solutions exist to answer specific requirements for different science cases. Amongst the question we will try to answer are:

Furthermore the scale and pace at which data will be produced by such surveys (we are talking of Petabyte or even Exabyte scales here) is unprecedented, and we need to explore solutions to compute large amount of photometric redshifts in database environments. While the most common way to computing photometric redshifts today is based on SED fitting, we want to explore more efficient techniques based on machine learning, with supervised and unsupervised algorithms.

We invite interested people to register by June 15th, 2013. However, due to the nature of the workshop and space limitation, the number of participants will be restricted to approximately 30 people. Confirmation of participation will be sent by email before June 30th.

    Scientific Organizing Committee
  • Tamas Budavari (JHU)
  • Jean Coupon (ASIAA)
  • Sébastien Foucaud (NTNU/ASIAA, co-chair)
  • Olivier Ilbert (LAM)
  • Michael Strauss (Princeton)
  • Masahiro Takada (IPMU)
  • Keiichi Umetsu (ASIAA, chair)
    Local Organizing Committee
  • Jean Coupon (ASIAA, chair)
  • Bau-Ching Hsieh (ASIAA)
  • Ching-Min “Jimmy” Lo (NTNU)
  • Chen-Fatt Lim (NTNU)
  • Cindy Chiu (ASIAA)
  • Contact LOC:
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