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East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2013
September 2-4, 2013
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan
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Oral Presentation

Status of ALMA Activities


Presenter: Edward Fomalont (NRAO and JAO Santiago Chile)

The Commissioning and Verification Activities are nearly complete for the coming ALMA cycle-1 observations. Additional capabilities will be: up to 150-pt mosaics; imaging of large sources by combining the Total Power, ACA 7-m and ALMA 12-m array data; and baselines up to 1 km. Testing for cycle-2 is now in progress and includes: continuum polarization imaging; more flexible spectral setups; baselines up to 2 km; band 4 and 8 capabilities. Beyond cycle-2, testing is beginning for: band to band phase transfer, overlapping OTF TP observations; testing baselines out to >10 km, extending polarization to spectral line, mosaicing, and circular polarization; solar observing; astrometric observations.