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The 2nd ASIAA-tuCASA ALMA Imaging Workshop 2013
August 31, 2013
ASIAA R1107, Taipei, Taiwan

We are pleased to announce the 2nd ASIAA-tuCASA ALMA Imaging Workshop, a one day workshop, to be held jointly by the ALMA Regional Center (Taiwan-ARC) of ASIAA and the UCAT Center for ALMA Science Advancement (tuCASA) of the University Consortium of ALMA-Taiwan (UCAT) for potential ALMA users in Taiwan.

Following the 1st ALMA Imaging Workshop 2013 (AIW2013), this workshop is designed to provide users with the update of ALMA project, and to familiarize users with the CASA simulator for preparing their proposals, along with hands-on exercises. Furthermore, a participant session will be organized for users to report their data reduction process or to exchange science ideas for Cycle 2 proposal call.

New users are welcome to attend this workshop, and are required to work through CASA hands-on exercises of AIW2013 prior to the time of the workshop. A Q&A session is available at the beginning of the workshop for new users to discuss with ARC members.

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