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Meeting on CIBER and CIBER2
August 26-27, 2013
ASIAA R1107, Taipei, Taiwan


CIBER (Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment) is a sounding rocket experiment in which USA, Japan and Korea are participating. CIBER is designed to observe spectrum and fluctuation of near-infrared sky to search for the traces of first stars at z~10. We already had four flights and could obtain the data of high quality.

As a next step of CIBER, we are developing CIBER2 with a larger aperture telescope than CIBER. IAA is now participating CIBER2 by providing spectroscopic channel, that is, IAA is a member institute of CIBER2.

On August 26 and 27, we will have a team meeting of CIBER and CIBER2. Full day of August 26 and the morning of August 27 will be devoted to the discussion on the data analysis, related science of CIBER. I apologize that this session is not opened to outside people, since the data analysis is still ongoing and must be examined in the team first.

In the afternoon of August 27, we will discuss the planning of next mission,CIBER2. The session is opened to public, and we welcome participation of any IAA members who have interest in sounding rocket experiment. I think this is a good chance for IAA members to participate CIBER2 project.

Besides official meeting, we will plan to have opportunities to exchange information with participants, such as Asantha Cooray, Jamie Bock et al.

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Matsumoto Toshio

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