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East Asia VLBI Workshop 2012
May 30-June 2, 2012
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan


The poster boards at the workshop can accommodate posters of up to 100 cm in WIDTH and 140 cm in HEIGHT. Posters in either "portrait" or "landscape" format smaller than this dimension can be fitted on the board. An A0 size poster (120 cm by 84 cm), for example, can be displayed in portrait format.

There is an oral session for the poster presenters to advertise your poster in the first day of the meeting.

Total number of abstracts: 24
P01 Hiroyuki Hirashita
Possible THz Single Dish Sciences by Greenland Telescope
Hiroyuki Hirashita, ASIAA GLT Single Dish Discussion Group
P02 Koichiro Hiura
GENJI program: Monitoring of Radio Galaxy 3C 84
K. Hiura, H. Nagai, K. Sorai, and GENJI program members
P03 Yosuke Mizuno
Current-Driven Kink Instability in Magnetically Dominated Relativistic Jet
Yosuke Mizuno, Philip E. Hardee, Ken-Ichi Nishikawa
P04 Hyunwoo Kang
Simultaneous 22GHz Water and 44/95GHz Class I Methanol Maser Survey of 6.7GHz Class II Methenaol Maser Sources
Hyunwoo Kang(1), Kee-Tae Kim(1), Do-Young Byun(1), Won-Ju Kim(1) and Yong-sun Park(2) (1) Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute (2) Seoul National University
P05 Tomofumi Umemoto
A Radio Flare at Millimeter-wavelengths from the Young Stellar Object V773 Tau
Tomofumi Umemoto (NAOJ), Masao Saito (ALMAJ), Kouichiro Nakanishi (ALMAJ), Nario Kuno (NRO) and Masato Tsuboi (JAXA/ISAS)
P06 Kozue Kusuno
Distance and Proper Motion Measurement of the Red Supergiant, PZ Cas, with VLBI H20 Maser Astrometry
Kozue Kusuno(SOKENDAI),Asaki Yoshiharu(ISAS),Imai Hiroshi(Kagoshima Univ.), Koyama Tomoaki(Mizusawa VLBI station)
P07 Yutaka Hasegawa
Development of Quad Ridge Antenna for radio telescope.
Yutaka Hasegawa et al
P09 Hideo Ogawa
230 GHz and 345 GHz VLBI receivers for 12 m telescope
Hideo Ogawa
P10 Yoshiaki Hagiwara
Upgrade of the VERA telescopes for Dual-polarization Receiving
Abstract Presentation
Y. Hagiwara et al.
P11 Kotaro Niinuma
Yamaguchi 32m / New High Sensitivity VLBI System
K. Niinuma, A. Kimura, D. Yamaguchi, T. Miyamura, and K. Fujisawa
P12 Hiroshi Takaba
Gifu University 11m Telescope
Abstract Presentation
Hiroshi Takaba
P12 Yoshinori Yonekura
Present status of Takahagi and Hitachi 32-m antennas
Yoshinori YONEKURA and JVN/EAVN collaboration
P13 Yu Saito
The antenna performances of Hitachi antenna in Ibaraki 32-m telescope
Saito, Yu
P14 Kazuya Hachisuka
EAVN web site
Hachisuka, K.
P15 Kimihiro Kimura
Trx calibration method for radio astronomical antenna
Kimihiro KIMURA
P16 Seiji Kameno
Statistics of digital signals for accurate amplitude calibration
Abstract Presentation
Seiji Kameno
P17 Seiji Kameno
Optimization by Smoothed Bandpass Calibration in Radio Spectroscopy
Abstract Presentation
Seiji Kameno
P18 Seiji Kameno
ALMA extended array
Abstract Presentation
Seiji Kameno
P19 Keiichi Asada
The Greenland Telescope Project: Project Overview

The GLT team
P20 Keiichi Asada
The Greenland Telescope Project: AGN Science Cases

M. Nakamura, K. Asada, M. Inoue, J.-C. Algaba, N. Pradel, S. Matsushita, C.-Y. Kuo, H. Nishioka (ASIAA), L. Huang (SHAO), & the GLT Team
P21 Keiichi Asada
The Greenland Telescope Project: M87 Super Massive Black Hole Imaging Simulation

L. Huang, J. C. Algaba, K. Asada, M. Nakamura and the GLT Team
P22 Keiichi Asada
The Greenland Telescope Project: Site Testing

K. Asada, P. Martin-Cocher, Ming-Tang Chen, Ted Huang, P. M. Koch, S. Matsushita, J. C. Algaba, C. P. Chen and the GLT Team
P23 Keiichi Asada
The Greenland Telescope Project: Environmental Impact on Antenna Retrofit Study

The GLT Team
P24 Keiichi Asada
The Greenland Telescope Project: ALMA phase-up project

N. Pradel, C.Y. Kuo, M.T. Chen, ASIAA and ALMA phase-up international team
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