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Taiwan Sub-millimeter VLBI Telescope Workshop
November 9-11, 2011
9F of AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building, Taipei, Taiwan


The ASIAA/CfA team was awarded one 12-meter radio telescope by the National Science Foundation (NSF), collaborating with international partners. The antenna was initially built as a prototype for ALMA, planned to relocate it to a good site for submm VLBI observations.

The antenna is anticipated to be an element of the submillimeter VLBI network, linking it with other facilities like SMA and ALMA, providing angular resolution of 20 micro arc-seconds which will allow us to observe a shadow image of super massive black holes. It is expected to obtain direct proof of the existence of black holes, making it possible to test General Relativity in strong gravitational fields and study the relativistic jets emanating from the super massive black holes.

The telescope will also be used for single-dish observations at very short submillimeter wavelengths, or THz frequencies, to study diverse cosmic environments such as cold interstellar gas clouds, dusty star-forming regions, and the cores of giant elliptical galaxies.

The antenna is currently located at the VLA site, USA, and the site survey has been conducted for the submillimeter VLBI and THz observations. One possible location is the Summit Station in Greenland.

In this workshop we plan to have specialists both from the engineering and scientific fields in order to address the issues above. We will discuss about the science drivers, reviewing the current status of the antenna and the site survey. As we will start the retrofitting of the antenna soon for the potential site and observing capabilities of submm VLBI and single dish applications, we hope active and hot discussion on all of related issues.

  • Ray Blundell (CfA)
  • Walter Brisken (NRAO)
  • Ming-Tang Chen (ASIAA)
  • Shep Doeleman (Haystack)
  • Vincent Fish (Haystack)
  • Makoto Inoue (ASIAA)
  • Jim Moran (CfA)
  • Peter Napier (NRAO)
  • Juan Carlos Algaba Marcos
  • Keiichi Asada
  • Cindy Chiu
  • Ted Huang
  • Makoto Inoue
  • Suh-Lian Lin
  • Masanori Nakamura
  • Nicolas Pradel
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