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Star Formation through Spectroimaging at High Angular Resolution
Time: June 20-24, 2011 (Mon-Fri)
Star Formation Summer School
Time: June 15-18, 2011 (Wed-Sat)
Place: ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan


The Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA) and its Theoretical Institute for Advanced Research for Astrophysics (TIARA), is pleased to host a Star Formation Workshop jointly with the Astronomy Department of UC Berkeley entitled, "Star Formation through Spectroimaging at High Angular Resolution", on June 20th-24th, 2011, in ASIAA Taipei, Taiwan.

This is the second in a series of workshops alternating between Taipei and the San Francisco Bay Area, fostering a broader connection across the Pacific Rim with active researchers worldwide. The first workshop ``Massive Star Formation: Observations, Theory and Diagnostic Tools" held in Berkeley, CA, in January 2010, was well-received and considered a great success by its participants. These workshops are modeled after the traditional annual workshops held by the Center for Star Formation Studies (CSFS) Consortium of the Bay Area, where timely topics were presented and discussed in an intimate setting. With this new series, the generation of astronomers that have been cultivated in the older series will branch out and form broader ties around the globe.

The theme of the workshop will be on

  1. Theory and Computation - MHD simulations, dynamical simulations and chemical modeling, radiative transfer with complex treatments.
  2. ISM and Chemistry - models, data of chemistry and molecular lines especially for ALMA.
  3. Recent Observations - highlights from Herschel, observations from submm/mm interferometric arrays and other large telescopes.
  4. On the road to ALMA - ALMA-related developments.

Each of the talks is scheduled for 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussions. Ample time will be provided to facilitate close interactions and lively discussions among the speakers and the participants.

Summer School

A summer school on star formation will be held immediately prior to the workshop. The school intends to provide the background necessary for the students in an intensive presentation of the relevant material at the level of the book by Stahler and Palla (The Formation of Stars) for grad students in the mornings. Introductory overviews on chemistry, ISM, magnetic field, polarization, and line formation will be presented and discussed in the afternoons. Local support in the form of lodging based on double-occupancy with breakfast, and lunch and banquet will be provided for students traveling to Taiwan from other countries.

Invited Speakers

  • E. Bergin (U. Michigan)
  • S. Charnley (NASA GSFC)
  • D. Coffey (DIAS)
  • J. DiFrancesco (HIA)
  • J.-M. Girart (ICE)
  • M. Guedel (U. Vienna)
  • T. Hasegawa (ASIAA)
  • G. Herczeg (MPIE)
  • M. Hogerheijde (Leiden)
  • M. Hughes (UCB)
  • I. Jimenez-Serra (CfA)
  • C.-F. Lee (ASIAA)
  • D. Li (JPL)
  • H.-B. Li (MPIA)
  • P.S. Li (UCB)
  • L. Looney (UIUC)
  • H. Nomura (Kyoto U.)
  • G. Novak (Northwestern U.)
  • R. Rao (ASIAA)
  • A. Remijan (NRAO)
  • S. Takakuwa (ASIAA)
  • M. Wardle (Macquarie U.)
  • P.Woitke (University of Vienna)


  • C. Heiles (UCB)
  • M. Hogerheijde (Leiden Observatory)
  • D. Johnstone (HIA)
  • R. Krasnopolsky (ASIAA)
  • Z.-Y. Li (UVa)
  • F. Walter (SUNYSB)

Organizing Committee


  • Leo Blitz (UCB, Co-Chair)
  • Imke de Pater (UCB)
  • Al Glassgold (UCB)
  • James Graham (UCB)
  • Paul Ho (ASIAA)
  • David Hollenbach (SETI)
  • Richard Klein (UCB)
  • Sheng-Yuan Liu (ASIAA)
  • Chris Mckee (UCB)
  • Nagayoshi Ohashi (ASIAA)
  • Hsien Shang (ASIAA, Co-Chair)
  • Frank Shu (ASIAA)
  • Ronald Taam (ASIAA)


  • Miljenko Cemeljic (ASIAA)
  • Cindy Chiu (ASIAA)
  • Naomi Hirano (ASIAA)
  • Hsu-Tai Lee (ASIAA)
  • Suh-Lian Lin (ASIAA)
  • Sheng-Yuan Liu (ASIAA)
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  • E-mail:
  • TEL: 886-2-2366-5320
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