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Taiwan-Japan Subaru-HSC Science/Survey Mini Workshop
December 22, 2008
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan
Morning (09:00-12:15)
1. HSC general
2. Wide survey
Lunch (12:15-13:30): lunch boxes prepared
Afternoon (13:30-17:30)
3. Deep/Ultradeep survey
4. Software
5. Discussion
1. HSC general
09:00-09:05 P.T.P. Ho (ASIAA) Introduction
09:05-09:35 S. Miyazaki (NAOJ) Hyper Suprime-Cam: Project overview and the current status
09:35-10:00 S.-Y. Wang (ASIAA) Taiwanese Participation of Subaru HSC Project
Format :: 20min (15min+5min discussion)
2. Wide survey
10:00-10:20 T. Hamana (NAOJ) HSC weak lensing survey
10:20-10:40 K. Umetsu (ASIAA) HSC Weak Lensing and AMiBA SZE Observations of Galaxy Clusters
10:40-11:00 H. Nishioka(ASIAA) Feasibility to Probe the Galaxy Biasing from Lensing-Galaxy Cross Correlations with HCS
11:00-11:15 BREAK
11:15-11:35 F. Yoshida (NAOJ) HSC survey for Small Solar system Bodies
11:35-11:55 S. Abe (NCU) Taiwan's HSC Strategy for Solar System Small Bodies
11:55-12:15 Y. Urata (Saitama-U/ASIAA) Direct identification of the core-collapse supernova progenitors
12:15-13:30 LUNCH
3. Deep/Ultradeep survey
13:30-13:50 L. Huang (ASIAA) Searching Gamma-ray burst orphan afterglows with Subaru/HSC
13:50-14:10 B.-C. Hsieh (ASIAA) High-z projects in IAA
14:10-14:30 L. Lin (ASIAA) Probing the nature of high-redshift galaxies with the HSC Ultra-Deep Survey
14:30-14:50 W. -H. Wang (ASIAA) Enrich the HSC Ultradeep Survey with Multiwavelength Data
14:50-15:10 A. Kong (NTHU) AGN Variability with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam
15:10-15:30 BREAK
4. Software
15:30-15:50 N. Yasuda (ICRR) Hyper Suprime-Cam Data Analysis and Management System
15:50-16:10 C. -H. Yang (ASIAA) CFHT data evaluation and processing pipeline for WIRCam
5. Discussion [16:10-17:30]
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