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Optical/NIR Data Reduction Mini-Workshop
July 2, 2008
R833 in Department of Physics, NTU


This is the second official announcement of Optical/NIR Data Reduction Mini-Workshop. OIR telescopes and cameras are getting bigger, so that the sizes of the image are also getting larger. The ability of handling/processing these data plays the most important role in the timescale of scientific production. Since year 2003, the astronomers in Taiwan have CFHT access, and Subaru telescope can be accessed from year 2007 as well. A lot of high quality data have been taken, but processing these data is an issue. This mini-workshop aims at enhancing the audiences' ability for reducing/processing modern wide field OIR data. For those people who don't have their own OIR data in hand, a lot of free archive data are sitting there, and this mini-workshop will help you to know how to deal with these data. We also would like to encourage graduate students and seniors contemplating grad studies in astronomy - even those who have not done Optical/IR observations before - to attend this workshop.

This is a one-day mini-workshop, and the date is Wednesday, July 2, 2008. Please note that the place of the workshop is Room 833 in Department of Physics, NTU. We hope to see you soon!

Deadline of Registration: Friday, June 6, 2008.


09:30~9:40 Opening
09:40~11:00 Observing in the Optical/Infrared: an Introduction Dr. Jennifer Karr
11:00~11:10 Break
11:10~12:30 WIRCam Data Processing Pipeline Mr. Chi-Hung Yan
12:30~13:30 Lunch
13:30~14:50 Optical and NIR Data Reduction using Terapix Dr. Lihwai Lin
14:50~15:00 Break
15:00~16:20 A "SIMPLE" Way to Reduce Wide-Field OIR Images
ps. it is "SIMPLE", but not simple.
Dr. WeiHao Wang
16:20~16:30 Close
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