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Star Formation Seminar
September 23, 2005
TIARA, 8F General Building II, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
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September 23, 2005
9:30 am Frank Shu NTHU The Dissipation of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation (45 min+15 min)
10:30 am Masahiro Machida U. Kyoto Collapse and fragmentation of magnetized molecular cloud - 3D Nested Grid MHD Simulation (45 min+15 min)
11:30 pm Yu-Nung Su ASIAA Submillimeter Observations of the High-Mass Star Forming Complex G9.62+0.19 (30 min+10 min)
12:15 pm Lunch
1:30 am T.-S. Pyo Suburu High-Angular Resolution Spectroscopy toward Young Stellar Outflows (45 min+15 min)
2:30 pm Jimmy Liu/ Hsien Shang ASIAA HST STIS Archival Study of DG Tau  with the X-Wind jet (45 min+15 min)
3:30 pm Break
3:45 pm Manoj ASIAA Evolution of Circumstellar Disks around Intermediate Mass Young Stars (30 min+10 min)
4:15 pm Toru Yada ASIAA Presolar grains in Antarctic micrometeorites and progress in secondary neutral mass spectrometer (30 min+10 min)
5:00 pm Free Discussions
6:00 pm Departure to Dinner