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High Energy Phenomena of Compact Objects Workshop
March 7-18, 2005
TIARA, Taiwan


The workshop is being organized by TIARA, funded by Academia Sinica and the National Science Council.

Rapid developments in the high energy phenomena of compact objects have been forged by the dramatic improvement in the capabilities of ground-based and especially space-borne X-ray telescopes (e.g., Rosat, Rossi-XTE, ASCA, Beppo-SAX, Chandra, XMM-Newton, and more recently Swift). The accretion of matter onto compact objects - neutron stars, black holes and massive black holes in galactic nuclei are major contributors to the high energy radiation in the Universe.

In addition, the formation of stellar collapsed objects in supernovae and their demise in mergers in close interacting binary systems are essential components of gamma-ray burst sources. The main goals of the workshop are to present and discuss via invited lectures primary scientific results of current research in this field.

Lectures in the following scientific topics are planned:


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