Visit ASIAA Homepage Summary of Star Formation Workshop 2002
Star Formation Workshop
- Magnetohydrodynamics, Radiation Diagnostics, and Chemistry of Star Formation
June 12-17, 2002
Taipei & Hualien, Taiwan


Summary of Star Formation Workshop 2002

June 12 (Wed)
9:00 am Opening Remarks & Special invited talk
Speaker: Charlie Townes
Topic: Spatial Interferometry at Mid-IR Wavelengths
9:45 am MHD Processes in Star Formation I. 
Star Forming Processes
C. McKee (Chair)
10: 00 am MHD Processes in GMC Formation E. Ostriker
10:30 am Formation of Molecular Clouds: An Origin of Interstellar Turbulence S. Inutsuka
11:00 am Break  
11:30 am Magnetic Fields and the Structure of Cloud Cores S. Basu
12:00 am The Fragmentation of Rotating Magnetized Disks D. Galli
12:30 pm Lunch & Tour of ASIAA  
1:45 pm MHD Processes in Funnel Flows from YSO F. Shu
2:15 pm MHD Processes in Star Formation II. 
MHD Simulations and Code Development
K. Shibata (Chair)
2:30 pm Recent Results of MRI in Protoplanetary Disks and the Zeus Codes J. Stone
3:00 pm Adaptive Mesh MHD Studies of the Protostellar Core Collapse and Fragmentation Problem D. Balsara
3:30 pm Break  
4:00 pm Numerical MHD Simulation of Star Formation Problems by Using CIP-MOCCT Method T. Kudoh
4:30 pm Numerical Laboratory of Magnetohydrodynamic Phenomena Associated with Star Formation R. Matusmoto
5:00 pm Radiation-Hydrodynamical Calculations of the Formation of Low Mass Stars from the Collapse and Fragmentation of turbulent Molecular cloud Cores R. Klein
5:30 pm Short Break  
5:40 pm Introduction to Local Development  
5:40 pm Astronomy in Taiwan and ASIAA K. Y. Lo
6:00 pm CFD-MHD Initiative in ASIAA C. Yuan / S. Shang
7:30 pm Banquet  
June 13 (Thu)
7:45 am Bus from Asia World Hotel to Sung Shan Railway Station  
8:49 am Train from Sung shan  
11:30 am Arrival at Hualien  
11:45 am Lunch at Hualien  
12:30 pm Bus to Taroko National Park, with tour stopovers  
3:30 pm Arrival at Grand Formosa Taroko  
4:15 pm Radiation Diagnostics I.
Clouds and Cores
P. Myers
4:30 pm Surveys for Inward Motions Toward Starless Cores C.-W. Lee
5:00 pm Looking for Stellar Birth in Starless Cores P. Caselli
5:30 pm Chemistry and Star Formation--How Depletions Can Affect the Way We View Clouds E. Bergin
6:00 pm Systematic Molecular Differentiation in Starless Cores M. Tafalla
6:30 pm Dinner  
8:00 pm MHD Processes in Star Formation III. TBD
8:15 pm MHD Turbulence and Angular momentum Transporting Extended Accretion Disk Models A. Steinacker
8:45 pm Structures of Irradiated Protoplanetary Disk H. Nomura
9:15 pm Where Do We Need to Go in MHD?  
9:45 pm End of Day  
June 14 (Fri)
9:00 am Radiation Diagnostics
Diagnostics of MHD Processes in Low Mass Stars
F. Shu
9:15 am High Resolution Spectroscopy of T Tauri Stars: Magnetic Fields, Mass Flows, and Disks C. Johns-Krull
9:45 am Disk Accretion From A-Stars to Brown Dwarfs J. Muzerolle
10:15 am Break + Posters  
11:00 am Probing The Central Engines of HH Flows with High-Resolution, Near-IR Spectroscopy C. Davis
11:30 am Radiation Diagnostics of YSO Jets S. Shang
12:00 pm Lunch  
1:15 pm Radiation Diagnostics III.
High Mass Stars
E. Churchwell
1:30 pm Observational Evidence of Accretion Disks Around Massive Stars P. Hofner
2:00 pm Champagne Flows in HII Regions S. Lizano
2:30 pm Ultra Compact HII Regions and Radiation From Recombination Lines E. Keto
3:00 pm Radio Observations of Hypercompact HII Regions S. Kurtz
3:30 pm Break + Posters  
4:15 pm Radiation Diagnostics IV.
Emission Features in Disks
D. Hollenbach
4:30 pm Diagnostics of Grain Growth in Protoplanetary Disks P. D'Alessio
5:00 pm Coagulation Modeling C. Dominik
5:30 pm Grain Processing in Proto-Planetary Disks R. Waters
6:00 pm The Peculiar Structure of Disks Around Herbig Ae Stars C. Dullemond
6:30 pm Dinner  
7:45 pm What have we learned in star formation? What are the pressing issues in radiation diagnostics? Where do we go next?  
8:45 pm Poker Session  
June 15 (Sat)
8:30 am Chemistry in Star Formation I.
Chemistry in Star Forming Regions
E. van Dishoeck(Chair)
9:00 am Organic Chemistry Around Protostars S. Charnley
9:30 am Interstellar Organic Molecules in Hot Molecular Cores Y.-J. Kuan
10:00 am Break + Posters  
10:45 am Far Infrared CO Line Emission in YSOs C. Ceccarelli
11:15 am Molecular Excitation and Line Radiative Transfer in YSO Envelopes and Disks M. Hogerheijde
11:50 am Lunch  
1:00 pm Chemistry in Star Formation II.
Chemistry in circumstellar Disks
A. Glassgold (Chair)
1:15 pm Molecular Evolution in Star-forming Cores/Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks Y. Aikawa
1:45 pm Protostellar disk models: same chemistry, different
A. Markwick
2:15 pm Modeling of Vega Disks I. Kamp
2:45 pm H2, CO and Dust Emission From DIsks Around Low Mass Stars D. Hollenbach
3:15 pm Break, Poster & Hiking  
6:15 pm Dinner  
7:00 pm Entertainment: Aboriginal Dancing  
8:00 pm New Isotope Effects and The Origin of The Solar System M. Thiemens
8:30 pm Discussion--Directions in Chemistry  
June 16 (Sun)
8:40 am SMA & Interferometry Jim Moran (Chair)
8:45 am Status of the SMA N. Ohashi
9:15 am Sub-mm Results on Large Area Surveys of Star Forming D. Johnstone
9:45 am Molecular Line Profile of Collapsing Protostar and the SMA M. Choi
10:15 am Break + Check-out  
  12 min + 3 min questions  
11:00 am TW Hyd N. Hirano
11:15 am SMA Observations of The Protostar of L1551NE S. Takakuwa
11:30 am Massive Star Formation and SMA Q. Zhang
11:45 am Proper Motion of Water Masers and the Structure of a Bipolar Outflow/SMA N. Patel
12:00 pm Lunch  
1:10 pm Debris Disks and the SMA D. Wilner
1:40 pm Status of ALMA-J Hasagawa
2:10 pm Atomic Carbon in Molecular Clouds Yamamoto
2:40 pm Discussions on SMA  
3:00 pm Concluding D. Hollenbach
4:00 pm Bus to Hualien + Souvenir Stops  
June 17 (Mon)
*Optional Activities in Taroko.
Post-Workshop Symposium at ASIAA / Topic Confirmed
Mechanism of Magnetic Flux Loss in Molecular Clouds T. Nakano
Magnetic Diffusion-Driven Cloud Fragmentation: Implications for Small Stellar Groups and Substellar Companions Z. Li
High-Resolution Studies of Magnetic Fields in Star-forming Regions S.-P. Lai
Linear Sequences of Starless Cores and Young Stellar Objects in
the Eagle Nebula
N. Fukuda
Trapped Protostellar Winds and the Breakout Time F. Wilkin
Chemical Differentiation In Regions of High Mass Star Formation I. Zinchenko
X-ray Observations of YSOs --- Recent Progress with ASCA and Chandra M. Tsuji
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