ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2021
July 1 - August 31

2021 Project Description

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Unveiling the cold gas distribution in the local universe

Galaxy evolution
theoretical astrophysics


Ryu Makiya
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Task Description and Goals

The cold gas mass is one of the key quantity to understand the cosmological evolution history of galaxies, since the amount of cold gas regulates the star formation activity in galaxies. It is also closely related to the energetic feedback from the supernovae and active galactic nuclei. The aim of this project is to constrain the cold gas mass as a function of dark matter halo mass by using the spatial clustering of the galaxies in the local univesrse obtained by, for example, ALFALFA survey and 2MASS survey. ALFALFA is the large volume survey dedicated for the emission from hydrogen in the local local galaxies, while the 2MASS is for the stellar emission from relatively old stars. By combining these data sets we can extract the insight for the physical connection between the cold gas, stellar mass and dark matter halo mass. We will also constrain the model of star formation and gas heating by comparing the galaxy formation simulation and observations of cold gas mass.

Required Background

- English language communication - basic programming skills of c++ and python (desired but not necesarry) - basic knowledge of general astronomy (not essential)

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