ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2021
July 1 - August 31

2021 Project Description

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Origin of circum-galactic and intergalactic dust

Galaxy evolution
Theoretical model


Hiroyuki Hirashita
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Task Description and Goals

Dust plays an important role in the evolution of galaxies in the Universe. Dust is also known to be distributed in a wide volume of the Universe, including the circum-galactic and intergalactic medium (CGM and IGM). This project aims at theoretically understanding the enrichment of dust in the CGM and IGM. First, we will learn how dust evolves along with the galaxy evolution. Next, we compute the dust ejection from galaxies, which contributes to the dust enrichment in a large volume of the Universe. In this project, the student constructs a theoretical model from scratch, since nobody has ever constructed the dust evolution model in the CGM/IGM. The calculation results are also compared with the observationally indicated large-scale distribution of dust in the Universe. This project leads to (i) constructing the most advanced dust evolution model in the CGM and IGM, (ii) clarifying the origin of large-scale dust distribution in the Universe, and (iii) a better understanding of material circulation around galaxies.

Required Background

Understanding of physics and mathematics. Critical thinking. Good communication skills.

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