ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2021
July 1 - August 31

2021 Project Description

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Unveiling the coevality of embedded protostar multiplets from multiscale observations (ALMA) and molecular signatures

Millimeter(sub) observations
molecular tracers
stellar multiplets,


Dipen sahu, Sheng-Yuan Liu
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Task Description and Goals

Multiplicity or multiple is used to refer to a system with two (called binary) or more components, the source can be protostellar or stellar. Self gravitating molecular core collapses to form a star/stars, and there are numbers of evidence that binarity and multiplicity as the principal channel of star formation. Whether these multiple components are coeval? Coevality defined as the relative evolutionary stages of the components of a multiple system. The embedded protostars are comparatively cooler (temperature of the surrounding region ~ few hundreds only) than pre-main sequence stars and can only be observed in wavelengths longer than a few micrometres. Millimeter dust continuum in various spatial resolution and molecular emission signatures are helpful to study the evolutionary stages including different physical properties like outflow, rotation etc. Chemical properties, such as deuterium fractionation, presence of complex species, also may vary due to evolution of protostars. In this project, we will study the coevality of Orion cores/protostars from multiple resolution dust continuum observation using ALMA and molecular/chemical signatures

Required Background

Requirement: Capable of effective English language communication, Familiarity to work with linux environment and Python programming language (little familiarity would be good enough), Background in college-level physics, mathematics.
Student will learn: mm-submm (ALMA) observation and data analysis (dust continuum and spectral line analysis), molecular line tracers

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