ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2021
July 1 - August 31

Final Presentations

Last Updated: September 15, 2021
30 Aug (Mon)
Time PlacePresentationSupervisor
10:00~10:20 online Siou-Yu Chang
Cosmic distribution of far-infrared luminous galaxies
Wei-Hao Wang, Zhen-Kai Gao
10:20~10:40 online Yu-Jan Wang
Growing in dual - the co-evolution of two massive galaxy populations at high redshifts
Chian-Chou Chen (TC), Zhen-Kai Gao
10:40~11:00 online Yu-Han Ling
Growing in dual II - the spatial connections between dusty and radio galaxies at high redshifts
Chian-Chou Chen (TC), Zhen-Kai Gao
11:00~11:20 online Tsung Chi Chen
Searching for super-clusters using the Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey data
Yen-Ting Lin
11:20~11:40 online Che-Wei Pai
Exploring dynamics states of a massive galaxy cluster Abell S1063
Shutaro Ueda, Keiichi Umetsu
11:40~12:00 online Mau Otsuki
Origin of circum-galactic and intergalactic dust
Hiroyuki Hirashita
14:00~14:20 online Ruiyun Zhang
Unveiling the cold gas mass distribution in the local universe
Ryu Makiya
14:20~14:40 online Pei-Cheng Tung
Star formation inside the turbulent converging flow
Ken Chen
14:40~15:00 online Yan-Hua Chen
Radiative Feedback of Massive Stars
Ken Chen
15:00~15:20 online Tsung-lin Wu
Isotopes in FUN CAIs
Hsien Shang, Der-Chuen Lee, Daniel Harsono, Ming-Jye Wang
15:20~15:40 online Ya-yu Chu
The oxidation state of iron in the ISM
Hsien Shang, Der-Chuen Lee, Daniel Harsono, Ming-Jye Wang
15:40~16:00 online Yu-Ru Chou
The nature of low-velocity winds from young stars with protoplanetary disks
Hiro Takami, Jennifer Karr
16:20~16:40 online Ying-Chi Hu
Early grain growth for planet formation in protostellar disk
Chin-Fei Lee
16:40~17:00 online Pei-Chun Tsai
Occultations of stars by debris discs
Sascha Zeegers, Jonathan Marshall, Matthew Kenworthy, Ciska Kemper, Lapo Fanciullo, Alfonso Trejo-Cruz, Gilles Otten
17:00~17:20 online Robin Young
Ice Ice Maybe: Constraints on debris dust composition from imaging and emission
Jonathan Marshall, Sascha Zeegers, Lapo Fanciullo
17:20~17:40 online Chetan Chawla
Identifying Temperate Planet Candidates in the TESS Continuous Viewing Zone
Alex Teachey
17:40~18:00 online Chien-Chu Wei
A search for exocomets in TESS time-series data
Jonathan Marshall, Michihiro Takami, Alex Teachey, Sascha Zeegers, Ciska Kemper
31 Aug (Tue)
Time PlacePresentationSupervisor
10:00~10:20 online Khang Nguyen
Unveiling the coevality of embedded protostar multiplets from multiscale observations (ALMA) and molecular signatures
Dipen sahu, Sheng-Yuan Liu
10:20~10:40 online Ninisha Manaswini
Formation of star cluster in the filamentary structure
Somnath Dutta, Chin-Fei Lee
10:40~11:00 online Melodie Sloneker
Implicit Large Eddy Simulation: Performance of WENO Schemes for Burger's Equation
Hsien Shang
11:00~11:20 online Ho Wan Cheng
Computational Methods, Benchmarking and Code Development for Astrophysical Fluids
Hsien Shang
11:20~11:40 online Jie-Ming Li
Building Python-C Interface Tools
Hsien Shang
11:40~12:00 online Miyu Kido
Playing with Radiative Transfer
Sheng-Yuan Liu, Naomi Hirano
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