ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2018
July 02 - August 31

Program Details

  1. The summer program committee and their prospective supervisors will arrange interviews for prospective candidates.
  2. Previous participants to the ASIAA summer student program will not be considered in this year's program.
  3. Students are expected to join seminars, colloquia, as well as the summer program lecture series. They are also encouraged to join other academic activities that the supervisors suggest.
    參與計畫的同學應該儘量參加本所的各項學術活動,包括專題討論,學術演講, 以及特別為暑期同學們設計的系列演講課程。
  4. All students are required to give an oral report of their research project at the conclusion of the program, and to provide a written report (in English) suitable for the WEB.
    暑期結束前,應就研究的題目做全所公開的報告,口頭報告必須用英文進行。 此外,同學應提供一份適合在網頁上閱讀的英文書面報告,介紹自己的暑期研究計畫和成果。
  5. The stipend is approximately NT$20,000 per month. ASIAA will provide limited accidental insurance for the duration of the main program. It is strongly suggested that all participants purchase travel insurance, including medical and accidental insurance, at their respective places of residence prior to attending the program.
  6. Foreign students are encouraged to apply, but there are some visa requirements for citizens of certain countries.
  7. Outstanding students, pending their supervisor's and institute director's approval, may have the opportunity to continue their research at the ASIAA with financial support. The ASIAA's policy of hiring students will apply.
  8. By request, we will help arranging shared accommodations (separate for male and female students) at university dormitories or international students' guest houses, if available. Students are required to pay for their own accommodation.
  9. All of our facilities and resources are restricted to the summer students themselves, and can not be extended to friends or relatives.
  10. Students requesting casual leave are expected to make up for this time after the program formally concludes. All casual leave should be approved by the supervisor. The student will not be paid a stipend during the period that he or she applies leave.
    在這段期間內,如因故必須離開或請假,應先徵得指導老師同意。並且應該和指導老師商量,如何利用計畫結束之後的時間來補足, 繼續完成您的專題研究。若請假總日數超過三天,津貼將依比例原則扣減。

Contact Information

ASIAA Summer Students Program, 11F of AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building,
No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei 10617, Taiwan, R.O.C
台北市10617羅斯福路四段1號 中央研究院/台灣大學天文數學館11樓/「中研院天文所 暑期學生計畫」 (English only)
Fax: +886-2-23677849

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