ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2017
July 03 - August 31


Please carefully review the detailed information before submitting your materials.

The application is now closed.

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Average academic record/grade for each semester: (ex: ABAAB)

Grading system: A - over 80; B - 70~79; C: 60~69; F: below 60
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Brief Autobiography
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Official transcripts of academic record and other supporting materials: (jpg or pdf file only). Please follow the Instructions below.
Project Selection
For details of the projects, please visit the project description
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3rd choice: (optional)
[If you have any preference, please list them according to your priority. You can also put a note below to indicate if you don't have preference among the selected projects. If you have more than 3 options, please input the titles of projects below. ]
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Statement of Research Interests
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(Statement of Research Interests could help us to identify an appropriate project for a student.)
Expected Recommendation Letters 0 1 2
Academic References List the faculty members (if any) you have asked to write recommendations for you.
Please read the instruction #6 below about the procedure for arranging the references.
1. Name: (Last name, First Name)
2. Name: (Last name, First Name)
Availabilities for Interview After reviewing your submitted materials, the supervisors will interview some selected potential students. The supervisors will contact some of you for arranging the interview. The interview is either in face-to-face (for local applicants) or via phone (either regular or network ones), and please provide your available time slots.
Mon morning Mon afternoon
Tue morning Tue afternoon
Wed morning Wed afternoon
Thu afternoon Fri afternoon
Accommodation Yes, please arrange accommodation for me on my own cost. more detail

Review your input carefully before submission. Once submitted, you can not re-submit.
Your application materials might be used by ASIAA research staffs for future research purposes.


  1. Official transcript of your academic record in English is required. Please scan and save it as a jpeg or PDF file in order to upload. Keep the original copy. You will need to submit the oringal copy when you are accepted by the Program.
    就讀學校英文版學業成績單此為必備資料。請掃描成 jpeg 或PDF檔,以便上傳。並請您妥善保管學業成績單正本。獲得面談機會者,面談時請攜帶此正本備查。被錄取者需繳交此正本。
  2. Any other supporting materials (optional) should be prepared according to the instructions below:
    • The language should be in English.
    • Please combine all the supporting materials including your transcript into one pdf file.
      請將您的「其他參考資料」及學業成績單合併為一個 pdf 檔。
      【You may put all materials including the jpeg file of your transcript into a WORD file, then convert it into a pdf file. You may download a free PDF Writer (Free Download / Free Converter)
      【您可先使用 WORD 編輯「其他參考資料」並將成績單的掃描檔貼入,再列印成 pdf 檔。 如您需要 free PDF Writer,可免費下載(Free Download / Free Converter)。】
  3. Most of the time, an interview would be arranged according to your selected projects, the priority, and a supervisor's decision. An additional "Statement of Research Interests" could help us to identify an appropriate project for a student.
    通常我們會根據申請者填寫的計畫(優先順序)及指導老師的選擇,安排面談的機會。若填寫"Statement of Research Interests",將有利於我們判斷如何安排計畫及指導老師。
  4. Please pay attention to the instructions in the field on the registration form.
  5. About language: please use English and numerical numbers to fill in all fields except Chinese Name (if applied).
  6. Recommendation letters (optional, up to two) should be uploaded on-line by the reviewers. Each reviewers will receive a mail from our system with a link to the upload page. The applicant will see an acknowledgement message on the web AND also receive an acknowledging mail with the web page address (upon hitting the submission button). There the applicant can check the status of the reference letter upload by the referee(s). It is a responsibility of the applicant to check this page to remind the reviewers for the upload.