ASIAA Summer Students Program
ASIAA Summer Student Program 2017
July 03 - August 31


Last Updated: August 16, 2018
Date Time Place Speaker Title
11 Jul Tue 10:30~11:30 R1203 Hiro Takami Optical-IR astronomy
11 Jul Tue 14:20~15:20 R1203 Sheng-Yuan Liu Radio astronomy
13 Jul Thu 10:30~12:00 R1203 You-Hua Chu Stars: stellar interior and evolution
13 Jul Thu 14:20~15:20 R1203 Hiro Hirashita Radiative transfer
18 Jul Tue 10:30~11:30 R1203 Hiro Hirashita Interstellar medium
19 Jul Wed 09:30~10:30 R1203 Shiang-Yu Wang [re-rescheduled] Optical-IR engineering (lecture 30min plus quick lab tour 30min)
20 Jul Thu 10:30~11:30 R1203 Ruobing Dong Solar system and Exoplanet systems
20 Jul Thu 14:20~15:20 R1203 Ya-Wen Tang Star formation
25 Jul Tue 10:30~12:00 R1203 Yu-Yen Chang, Ai-Lei Sun Galaxies, AGNs, and their evolution
27 Jul Thu 10:30~11:30 R1203 Teppei Okamura Cosmology
27 Jul Thu 14:20~15:20 R941 Peter Scicluna, Sundar Srinivasan Statistical analysis (plus hands-on learning with Python)
01 Aug Tue 10:30~11:30 R1203 Min-Kai Lin Accretion disks
01 Aug Tue 14:20~15:50 R1203 Kouichi Hirotani Special relativistic plasmas/High energy processes around black holes
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