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Millimeter/Sub-Millimeter Interferometry School
July 10-14, 2006
Taipei, Taiwan

First Announcement

Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IAA), Academia Sinica, will be organizing a "Millimeter/sub-millimeter Interferometry School''. The school will take place at the IAA, located in the Physics Department building of National Taiwan University, from July 10th to July 14th, 2006. The school is intended for students and scientists with or without a priori knowledge of radio interferometry techniques, but we expect them to have basic understanding of applied mathematics, in particular Fourier transforms, and physics. Given the role of sub-millimetre wave astronomy and the forthcoming next generation Atacama Large Millimeter and sub-Millimeter Array (ALMA), the school is devoted to lectures, tutorials, and lab activities, on millimeter wave radio astronomy and interferometry. It will focus on key aspects of interferometry at millimeter wavelengths, using the sub-millimetre array (SMA) interferometer (a collaborative project between the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of Taiwan) at Hilo, Hawaii as an example. Activities, both lectures and laboratory sessions, will be held in English.

Currently there is no limit on the number of participants, but if there are too many applicants, we may restrict the total number of participants due to lecture hall and lodging availability. IAA will provide only shared accommodation available at the Academia Sinica campus for participants not from Taipei city/county. The school will cover your lodging expenses (between 9th and 15th July, 2006) and lunch-box during the lectures. Participants are expected to meet their own travel and other expenses.

Further information is placed on the IAA Web page. Interested students and scientists should complete the registration form at the same URL. Informal enquiries should be made by e-mail to (please specify "Summer School" in the subject field).

Registration Deadline: May 15, 2006

中央研究院天文暨天文物理研究所 (以下簡稱中研院天文所) 將舉辦毫米波及次毫米波干涉技術暑期營、舉辦地點在台灣大學校園內的中研院天文所,時間為七月十日起至七月十四日。

毫米波與次毫米波天文學是台灣天文學界發展的重點之一。在次毫米波陣列計畫 (SMA) 成功發展的基礎上,學界正積極參與新一代 Atacama 大型毫米波及次毫米波陣列 (ALMA) 的建置。為擴大學界的參與、拓展 SMA 的研究範疇、並培養 ALMA 未來的研究人才,中研院天文所希望透過此研習營,讓有興趣於此領域發展之人士能夠對干涉技術的理論與實務有進一步的認識,並成為學界未來的尖兵。我們歡迎具備應數 (尤其傅立葉轉換) 及物理的基礎的師生報名參加,即便不具電波干涉技術的背景亦無妨。

本研習營重點乃針對毫米波的干涉技術,並目前以位於夏威夷,由中研院天文所與美國史密松天文台共同運作的次毫米波陣列 (SMA) 為例,進行演講與實驗。課程重點包含三大部分: 干涉技術的理論、毫米及次毫米波段的天文課題、以及觀測資料的檢視與分析。所有演講與實驗課程將以英文進行。

目前錄取人數開放,但因設備有限,請盡早上網註冊登記。舉行期間 (七月十日起至十四日) 中研院天文所將提供免費住宿 (台北縣市的學員除外) 及午餐盒。


聯絡請 e-mail 至 ,並註明主旨: Summer School。

註冊截止日期: 2006 年 5 月 15 日

Second Announcement

This is the 2nd and last circular before the school starts on July 10. We hope that you are getting ready to attend the school. In this circular, we would like to make sure a couple of things. The web site of the Interferometry School has been updated, and have many useful information.

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