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TIARA Winter School on Astrophysical Disks in TIARA-NTHU
January 16-20, 2005
Hsinchu, Taiwan


The Theoretical Institute for Advanced Research in Astrophysics (TIARA) is organizing its first winter school, to take place from Jan 16 to Jan 30 of 2005 on the campus of National Tsing-Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

This winter school is intended for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students and offers intensive, in depth, instruction covering the physical processes that occur in astrophysical disks. Such disks can be very diverse, having a wide range of length scales. The topics covered by the lectures will include the observational and theoretical aspects of disks forming around young stellar objects, the early solar system, and close binaries on the small scale and in active galactic nuclei and galactic disks on the large scale. The provisional lecturers include Ron Allen , Michael Cai , Dong Lai , Steve Lubow , Hsien Shang , Frank Shu , Ronald Taam , Mark Wardle , and Chi Yuan.

We encourage students from all areas of astrophysics to participate in this event. In addition to regular lectures, students are also invited to give oral or poster presentations on their own research. It is our hope that this will provide an opportunity for the young and seasoned scientists to exchange ideas and to seek new inspirations.

During the course of the winter school, TIARA will provide the participants with accommodation and local expenses. Due to limited resources, we can host up to 30 students, which will be selected by the organizing committee.


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Registration Deadline: December 25, 2004

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